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Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality (MR) technology brings you efficient and cost-effective immersive solutions to solve your real-world industrial problems. The MR-Powered Wearable Goggles like Hololens or Magic Leap are capable of understanding the surrounding spaces and trigger contextual digital infographics overlays on top of the physical environments. MR technology provides On-the-job assistance through interactive audio-visual guidance and remote support to the industrial workforce, which greatly increases production efficiencies by reducing errors. Fusion VR is the leading mixed reality company in India, delivering effective mixed reality solutions to address your unique challenges.

What is MR or Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality or MR is the unique reality visualized when the digital and physical worlds meet to create an interactive and immersive environment around you. It could be considered an enhanced version of AR which gives better immersion.

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How is Mixed Reality (MR) used in enterprises today?

Mixed Reality technology is used today by enterprises in many different ways. Here are some mixed reality examples.

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Which Industries can take maximum advantage of Mixed Reality technology?

What is the future of Mixed Reality (MR)?

VR, AR experiential learning in Learning Pyramid
Experiential Learning

Digital Intelligence

MR uses depth-sensors to track and recognize the real world objects without the need of QR codes or any physical tags. 3D-Spatial infographics are holographically overlaid directly on top of the physical equipment parts, right inside the real factory environment. Hands free user interaction is enabled through Artificial-Intelligence (AI) powered Hand Gesture Recognition and Voice-Control using Natural Language Processing. Collaborating multiple IoT connected MR devices inside a shared work space opens up endless possibilities.

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On-the-Job & Remote Assistance

Mixed-Reality delivers immersive, scenario-based, experiential learning. Engineers and Technicians can be guided through step-by-step audiovisual instructions inside the Process Plant or Shop-Floor. This over-the-shoulder coaching minimizes the shortage of skilled labor by enabling efficient and error-free operations support and reduces call out times for maintenance through remote assistance.

Quick Results

Quick Results

MR transforms your employees into competent, confident individuals, inheriting decades of knowledge and experience in a short duration saving years of training time. Latest study indicates that AR implementation has immediately increased the Operations and Maintenance efficiencies by 40-65% and in some cases up to 90%.

Mixed Reality technology holds the promise to a smart future in manufacturing.
Fusion VR is India’s leading Mixed Reality solutions provider with the capabilities to fulfil that promise.

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