Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality Solutions

With Mixed-Reality (MR) Holographic Goggles, the digital and physical worlds meet to create new interactive environments where their data from connected devices and Sensors can coexist to create Digital-Intelligence. MR simultaneously tracks plant environment/equipment and the technician’s physical relationship to that space to provide Context-Sensitive information readily available in front of their eyes.

Digital Intelligence

MR uses depth-sensors to track and recognize the real world objects without the need of QR codes or any physical tags. 3D-Spatial infographics are holographically overlaid directly on top of the physical equipment parts, right inside the real factory environment. Hands free user interaction is enabled through Artificial-Intelligence (AI) powered Hand Gesture Recognition and Voice-Control using Natural Language Processing. Collaborating multiple IoT connected MR devices inside a shared work space opens up endless possibilities.

On-the-Job & Remote Assistance

Mixed-Reality delivers immersive, scenario-based, experiential learning. Engineers and Technicians can be guided through step-by-step audiovisual instructions inside the Process Plant or Shop-Floor. This over-the-shoulder coaching minimizes the shortage of skilled labor by enabling efficient and error-free operations support and reduces call out times for maintenance through remote assistance.

Quick Results

MR transforms your employees into competent, confident individuals, inheriting decades of knowledge and experience in a short duration saving years of training time. Latest study indicates that AR implementation has immediately increased the Operations and Maintenance efficiencies by 40-65% and in some cases up to 90%.

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