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Museum 2.0 – The Future of Museums

Museum 2.0 – The Future of Museums

We are India’s leading provider of innovative Museum 2.0 turnkey solutions for new and existing traditional museum customers. Museum 2.0 incorporates interactive technologies, exhibits and unique visitor experiences within a physical museum environment. Such innovations deliver greater visitor participation and total engagement using the latest in digital technologies and trends.

The Museum 2.0 experience is truly innovative, unique and memorable for museum visitors. Fusion VR enjoys a fine reputation in the Museum 2.0 arena in India and executes high value projects that are effectively transforming traditional museums into modern, engaging and entertaining spaces for visitors of all ages.

Corporate Experience Centers

Corporate Experience Centers

Corporate Experience Centers deploy a wide range of interactive technologies to highlight the history, journey, key achievements of the organisation and its leaders. Such Centers can be designed for both the physical or digital domains with experiences that are interactive, engaging and immersive. The corporate experience Centers also showcase the mission, vision, values and brand identity of a company. This is also for informational and promotional purposes towards visitors, customers and stakeholders.

A Corporate Experience Centre is also a place to display company memorabilia and corporate merchandise. These Centers are typically located at the organization’s headquarters and its major locations. Fusion VR works closely with company executives to design corporate experience Centers that align with their vision for their employees, stakeholders and visitors.

In addition to these two major categories, Fusion VR delivers Digital Museums and Virtual Museums solutions and turnkey projects. These innovative museums are primarily online experiences that can be accessed by a global audience using home computers, tablets, smartphones, VR/AR headsets and wearables. Such museum projects deliver a highly realistic museum experience that rivals a physical museum experience.

Turnkey Project Delivery

Turnkey Project Delivery

Fusion VR delivers turnkey projects for Museum 2.0, corporate experience Centers, digital and virtual museums. We have a team of highly competent and dedicated professionals who are committed to providing top-notch project services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. In addition to Museum 2.0 and Digital Experience Centers, we have established proven capabilities in cutting edge technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 3D Scanning, Stereoscopic 3D and 4D, Holography, 3D Projection Mapping, Sound & Light, UI/UX design, Multisensory Experience Design and more.

Our goal is to deliver on your vision with our end to end service offerings. We advise our clients on the appropriate technology choices and experience outcomes which help them best achieve their vision and visitor experience goals. Our overall goal is to deliver high quality projects within budget and schedule for our valued customers.

Time to Upgrade to Museum 2.0

As technology advances and visitor expectations evolve, traditional museums must adapt to remain relevant and viable. Upgrading to Museum 2.0 not only enhances the visitor experience, but also ensures that your museum remains a vital cultural and educational resource for years to come. Digitizing traditional museums has led to significant increases in footfall for our customers.

Traditional Museums

Traditional Museums

Limited accessibility: Traditional museums may not be accessible to all visitors, particularly those with mobility or sensory impairments.

Static exhibits: Traditional exhibits can be less engaging, as they often rely on passive observation rather than interactive experiences.

Inadequate preservation: Sensitive artifacts may be at risk of damage or deterioration due to exposure to light, humidity, or other environmental factors.

Geographical constraints: Visitors must travel to the physical location of the museum, limiting access for those living in remote areas or with limited travel opportunities.

Difficulty and cost in replication: Traditional museums face challenges in replicating their on unique experiences for a wider audience, as it often involves significant costs and logistical complexities in setting up new exhibits or additional locations.

High maintenance costs: The upkeep of physical buildings, exhibits, and artifacts can be expensive and resource-intensive.

Traditional Museums

Digitalized Museum 2.0

Digitalized Museum 2.0

Enhanced interactivity: Museum 2.0 incorporates interactive exhibits and digital technologies, making the experience more engaging and immersive for visitors of all ages

Greater accessibility: Digital and virtual experiences allow people with mobility or sensory impairments to access and enjoy the museum's content without barriers.

Preservation and sustainability: Museum 2.0 can better protect sensitive artifacts by digitising them, reducing the risk of damage or deterioration from environmental factors.

Data-driven decision-making: Utilizing data and analytics, Museum 2.0 enables institutions to make informed decisions and improve visitor experiences based on real-time feedback and insights.

Social media integration: Museum 2.0 leverages social media platforms to promote exhibits and events, generating buzz, driving attendance, and encouraging visitor interaction.

Global reach: Digital experiences and virtual tours allow people from around the world to explore the museum without geographical constraints, expanding the museum's audience.

Scalability: Museum 2.0 can easily accommodate larger crowds and adapt to increased visitor demand with digital technologies, improving the overall visitor experience.

Customisable experiences: Museum 2.0 allows for the personalisation of experiences based on individual preferences, enhancing visitor engagement and satisfaction.

Cost-effective: Digital exhibits and virtual experiences can be more cost-effective in the long run, as they require less physical maintenance and allow for easier updates and modifications.

Ease of replication: Museum 2.0 experiences can be more easily replicated and shared with a wider audience, as digital content can be distributed and adapted with fewer logistical complexities.

Digitalized Museum 2.0

By combining the best aspects of traditional museums with the advantages of digitalised Museum 2.0, institutions can create a dynamic, engaging, and accessible experience for visitors of all ages and backgrounds and can also ensure their continued relevance in a rapidly changing world.

Turnkey Solutions

Fusion VR has the technological and creative capabilities to deliver end-to-end turnkey solutions that exactly match your needs. We have the execution skills and capabilities to deliver high-quality installations within compressed timelines that exceed client expectations. Our team consists of highly experienced engineers and technicians who are committed to the success of the project and providing high-quality customer service.

Creative Concept

Creative Concept

Fusion VR has a library of interactive museum 2.0 experiences that are creative and engaging. We understand the client's perspective and the suite of technologies available. Based on this understanding, we recommend a rich mix of immersive digital experiences that make the visitor experience truly unforgettable.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Our team of design and creative professionals develop the content for all the concepts chosen for the museum 2.0. We design and develop the script, storyboard, voice-over, motion capture, 2D/3D animation, and VR/AR programming for all the digital experiences chosen by the client. We integrate the concept, creative content and digital technologies to create the experience desired by the client.



Our greatest strength is the flawless execution of projects. We take timelines and deliverables seriously, delivering turnkey projects with high-quality project management. We provide layout design and engineering design for AV/IT & electrical hardware and seamlessly integrate them. We ensure quality site installation, commissioning and user acceptance testing in addition to coordination with architectural, museum 2.0 SMEs and other contractors.

Our Services

Fusion VR offers the following services for the Museum Sector

Museum 2.0 Turnkey Solutions

End-to-End Museum Solutions

Fusion VR offers comprehensive design, development and implementation services for Museum 2.0 spaces with state-of-the-art digital environments. Our service includes project management, concept design, layout design, thematic design, user experience design, creative script, storytelling and direction, multimedia 2D and 3D content creation, operation & maintenance support services and more. We customize solutions with your participation and deliver projects that align with your vision and goals.

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Transforming Traditional Museums with Digital Innovation

Digital Transformation of Traditional Museums

Fusion VR specializes in the digital upgradation of existing traditional museums into modern interactive museums. Our comprehensive services include assessing your museum's current state, developing tailored digital strategies, designing immersive and interactive exhibits, enhancing collection accessibility, integrating social media and digital marketing, training staff on new technologies, and providing ongoing support.

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Corporate Experience Centers

Corporate Experience Center Solutions

Fusion VR also provides unforgettable Corporate Experience Center solutions that showcase your company’s history, brand, products, and services for customers, employees, suppliers and the general public. We provide comprehensive services for concept design, development, engineering, project management, installation etc. and deliver a product that is totally aligned with your corporate vision, mission and strategic objectives.

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Expert Consulting for Museum 2.0 and Digital Experience Centers

Consulting Services

Fusion VR provides expert consulting services for existing/new museums and corporate organizations looking to establish Museum 2.0 and Digital Experience Centers. Our highly experienced team guides you through the entire planning process, from concept development and design to technology integration, ensuring a visually stunning and goal-oriented result. In addition to consulting expertise, we assist with essential project documentation, including Detailed Master Plans (DMP), Initial Project Reports (IPR), and Detailed Project Reports (DPR).

The Fusion VR Advantage

Cutting-Edge Technology

Cutting-Edge Technology

Fusion VR utilises the latest technology to create immersive and engaging experiences for museum visitors. From virtual reality and augmented reality to interactive displays and digital projections, we incorporate the most advanced tools to bring your exhibits to life.

Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to Museum 2.0 projects, considering every aspect of the visitor experience. Our end-to-end solutions ensure that each project is thoughtfully designed, carefully executed, and seamlessly integrated, resulting in a cohesive and engaging experience.

Highly Skilled Team

Highly Skilled Team

Our team of experts consists of designers, developers, engineers, and project managers who are passionate about creating memorable experiences. With years of experience in the industry, our team possesses the knowledge and skills required to deliver exceptional results.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Our team is adept at integrating new technology and experiences into existing museum spaces. We collaborate closely with architects and various stakeholders to ensure that the final product is visually appealing, functional, and cohesive with the overall museum design.

Crafting the Complete Visitor Experience

Pre-Visit Experiences

Pre-Visit Experiences

Virtual Tours

We create captivating virtual tours that allow potential visitors to explore your museum before they even set foot in the building. These tours pique interest and encourage more people to visit in person.

Mobile App Integration

Our team develops mobile apps that integrate with your museum's digital experiences, offering visitors additional information, interactive content, and a personalised experience.

Marketing and Outreach

Fusion VR assists with marketing and outreach efforts, ensuring that your museum is effectively promoted to potential visitors through various channels, including social media, email campaigns, and targeted advertising.

During Visit Experiences

During Visit Experiences

Interactive Exhibits

We design and develop interactive exhibits that engage visitors through touch, sound, and visual elements. These exhibits encourage active participation, deepening the connection between visitors and the content.

Immersive Storytelling

Fusion VR excels at creating immersive storytelling experiences that transport visitors to different times, places, and worlds. By combining cutting-edge technology with compelling narratives, we captivate visitors' imaginations and enhance their understanding of the subject matter.

Gamification and Engagement

Our team incorporate gamification elements into the museum experience, transforming learning into a fun and engaging activity. Gamification promotes active participation and encourages visitors to explore exhibits more thoroughly.

Post-Visit Experiences

Post-Visit Experiences

Social Media Integration

We integrate social media platforms into the museum experience, allowing visitors to share their experiences with friends and family, fostering online engagement and encouraging others to visit as well.

Feedback and Analytics

Fusion VR provides tools for collecting visitor feedback and analyzing data to better understand visitor behavior and preferences. This information helps you make data-driven decisions to improve future exhibits and experiences.

Ongoing Support and Updates

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end with project completion. We offer ongoing support and updates to ensure that your museum remains up-to-date with the latest technology and trends.

End-to-End Customer Journey

  • From Enquiry to Execution

    We guide our customers through every step of the project, from initial enquiry to final execution. Our team works closely with you to understand your vision and requirements, providing expert advice and support throughout the process.

  • Project Management

    Our skilled project managers ensure that each project is executed efficiently and effectively, adhering to timelines and budgets while maintaining the highest quality standards.

  • Design and Content Creation

    Our designers and content creators collaborate to develop visually appealing and engaging exhibits, incorporating multimedia elements and immersive storytelling techniques.

  • Technology and Fabrication

    Our engineers and technicians integrate cutting-edge technology into the museum experience, from interactive displays to embeded electronics and sensors. Additionally, we handle fabrication to ensure that the final product is both functional and visually stunning.

  • Site Installation and Coordination

    Fusion VR manages site installation and coordinates with architects and various stakeholders to ensure seamless integration of the new experience into the existing museum space.

  • Operations and Maintenance Support

    We provide ongoing operations and maintenance support, ensuring that your museum continues to function optimally and remains up-to-date with the latest technology and trends.


How Do We Execute

Embracing the Latest Technology

Fusion VR is committed to staying at the forefront of technology in the museum industry. We constantly explore and adopt emerging technologies to create unforgettable experiences for visitors, ensuring that your museum remains a cutting-edge and innovative space..

Fusion VR embraces a wide range of cutting-edge technologies to create immersive Museum 2.0 experiences. These include metaverse technologies such as gamified VR/AR/MR (XR) for interactive, engaging exhibits; touch-displays for user-friendly navigation; stereoscopic 3D imaging for realistic visuals; photogrammetry-3D reconstruction and 3D scanning for accurate digital replicas; stereo-3D 180/360 VR animation and VR filming for immersive storytelling; indoor/outdoor 3D-projection mapping and multiscreen/curved-screen stereo-3D projections for captivating presentations; holography for lifelike displays; motion-capture for accurate character movement; 7D simulations for multi-sensory experiences; and sound & light - fountain shows for awe-inspiring performances. By integrating these advanced technologies, Fusion VR crafts unforgettable, state-of-the-art experiences for museum visitors.

Embracing the Latest Technology
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Museum Segments That Can Benefit from Museum 2.0 Digitization Services

Museum 2.0 digitisation services provided by Fusion VR can benefit a wide range of museum segments, enhancing the visitor experience and ensuring that these institutions remain relevant in the digital age. The following museum segments can take advantage of our Museum 2.0 digitisation services:

Museum Segments That Can Benefit from Museum 2.0 Digitization Services
  • Art Museums: Create immersive digital galleries and interactive exhibits to bring artwork to life for visitors.
  • Archaeology and History Museums: Utilize virtual reality and augmented reality to transport visitors to different time periods and historical sites.
  • Religious and Cultural Museums: Leverage multimedia interactive exhibits and educational experiences that bring scientific concepts and cultural narratives to life, engaging visitors of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Science and Technology Museums: Dedicated to showcasing innovations and advancements in various scientific fields, these museums greatly benefit from digitisation. By incorporating interactive exhibits, virtual simulations, and immersive experiences, we help bring complex scientific concepts to life, making them more accessible and engaging for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Maritime & Ocean Technology Museums: Offer virtual tours of historic ships, simulate life at sea, and showcase advancements in ocean technology with immersive exhibits.
  • Space Museums: Allow visitors to explore the cosmos through virtual reality experiences and interactive displays about space exploration.
  • Defense Museums: Showcase military history and technology with engaging multimedia exhibits and virtual tours of historical sites.
  • Open-Air Museums: Enhance the visitor experience with mobile app integration, providing additional information and interactive content for outdoor storytelling and interactive displays to share the history, beliefs, and practices of various religions and cultures.
Science and Heritage Museums
  • Science and Heritage Museums: Science and Heritage Museums: These museums showcase the achievements and discoveries in various scientific fields alongside the preservation of cultural heritage. By digitising these museums, we create exhibits.
  • Metaverse (Virtual) Museums: Embracing the future of digital experiences, Fusion VR offers Metaverse Museum Experiences, transforming the way visitors explore and interact with exhibits. Utilising virtual reality, augmented reality, and cutting-edge technology, we create immersive environments that revolutionise museum experiences. Our Metaverse Museum Experiences allow visitors to explore virtual galleries, engage with interactive displays, and connect with others worldwide, all within the metaverse.
  • Airforce Museums: Utilize interactive displays and simulations to educate visitors about aviation history and technology.
  • Life Sciences Museums: Engage visitors with immersive exhibits that showcase the wonders of the natural world, from plants and animals to ecosystems and evolution.
  • Children's Museums: Incorporate gamification and interactive experiences to make learning fun and engaging for young visitors.
  • Industrial Museums: Offer virtual tours and interactive exhibits that highlight the history and evolution of various industries, from manufacturing to transportation.

By embracing Museum 2.0 digitisation services, these museum segments can create unforgettable experiences for visitors while staying current with the latest technological advancements.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Discover how Fusion VR has transformed museums and experience centers around the world through our case studies and success stories. Learn how our innovative solutions have enhanced visitor experiences and drive positive results for our clients.

Amma Museum & Knowledge Park's Digital Museum Experiences Developed by Fusion VR

Amma Museum & Knowledge Park Museum of Late Dr.J.Jayalalithaa

The Amma Museum and Knowledge Park at Chennai showcases some of the best interactive digital museum experiences in our country. This museum is an important part of the memorial unveiled recently in honour of the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. J. Jayalalithaa. The Amma Museum vividly brings to life the beloved leader’s life story and contributions to the people of Tamil Nadu and India. Fusion VR executed this project within a record time of 8 weeks in active coordination with the Government of Tamil Nadu and private contractors. The appreciation from the press and public has been tremendous on the innovative use of immersive digital technologies. This project also stands as a testament to Fusion VR’s superior technological and project execution skills.

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Experience Vivekananda at RKM Museums Developed by Fusion VR

Experience Vivekananda RKM Museums across India

The Ramakrishna Mission (RKM) hosts digital interactive experiences such as Experience Vivekananda at its RKM Museums across the country. That highlight the life and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. Fusion VR developed and installed the 3D Stereoscopic movie experience that brings to life Swami Vivekananda’s historic speech in Chicago at the World Parliament of Religions in 1893. Another impressive experience at the museum is the Sound and Light SFX show on Sri Ramakrishna. We also commissioned “Ask Vivekananda”, the first full-fledged Augmented Reality (AR) experience of Swami Vivekananda and “Tears of Vivekananda – Transformation of India”, the first 4D Virtual Reality (VR) short movie on Swami Vivekananda. These experiences were dedicated to the nation by Shri Prahlad Singh Patel, Hon’ble Minister of State for Culture and Tourism, Govt. of India at Vivekananda House, Chennai. Fusion VR is extremely proud to have been associated with the nation building initiatives of RKM.

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Chemicals, Oil and Gas Plant Operator - training simulator in Virtual reality - VR-OTS

Chronicles India, Mahabalipuram Pallava Dynasty - A Time Travel (7DX Experience)

Fusion VR pioneered the creation and installation of a 7DX experience theatre called Pallava, Dynasty - A Time Travel for Chronicles India. This unforgettable experience Presents the rich history, architectural and cultural splendour of the Pallavas Dynasty at Mamallapuram, just outside Chennai. This concept provided entertainment, education and a fine appreciation of India’s rich cultural history for both young and old. Fusion VR used movie motion chairs, 3D glasses, special effects such as wind, rain and aroma and expertly developed historical content and special effects. Fusion VR packaged an exciting experience for tourist, a first in India at a UNESCO World Heritage site and also received a congratulatory message from UNESCO. Chronicles India not only won the hearts and minds of its patrons, but also received many awards for its innovative design from the travel industry.

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Chemicals, Oil and Gas Plant maintenance - training simulator in Virtual reality - VR-mtS

Immex Zone, Chennai & Singapore Virtual Reality (VR) Amusement Rides

ImmeX-Zone was the first ever commercially launched real immersive VR product in India and also internationally in Singapore and Dubai in 2014. Fusion VR introduced and popularized the VR experience for the general public, making it easily accessible at amusement parks when VR was in its infancy. ImmeX Zone provided an immersive 3D 360 visual experience and included additional sensory information, such as 3D positional sound and physical FX such as vibrators, pokers, ticklers, blasters, hot/cold air, aroma etc., to make you believe that you’re in an imaginary world while actually wearing a VR headset and seated on a chair with moves along with the body dynamics. This proved to be a safe and unforgettable experience for people of all ages.

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Kurukshetra Water Screen Multimedia Show's Multimedia Experience Developed by Fusion VR

Kurukshetra Water Screen Multimedia ShowWater Screen Show

Fusion VR takes pride in its contributions for the Water Screen Show at the lake around Kurukshetra, Haryana. We collaborated with the best creative and engineering expertise in the country and delivered a comprehensive project report for the execution of this project. This required detailed engineering of water screen with a floating platform design and its hydraulics factoring in climatic conditions, water quality etc. and combining that with the creative requirements to deliver a spectacular multimedia experience for pilgrims and general public. We are thankful for having support & Knowledge Transfer from The Centre for Water Resources, Anna University on this project. Fusion VR has demonstrated the expertise to collaborate with various stakeholders to deliver the required scope and an exceptional experience.

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TAFE-Learning & Experience Centre's AR, VR, MR, Holography and Design consulting done by Fusion VR

TAFE-Learning & Experience CentreVirtual Reality (VR) Amusement Rides

The TAFE Learning & Experience Centre is a brilliant exposition of the use of technology to highlight product features and benefits to corporate customers, suppliers, vendors and technology partners. Fusion VR provided consulting services for the latest interactive technologies such as AR, VR, MR, Holography and Design. The most exciting exhibit at this centre is the Virtual Reality Product Explorer which was developed and commissioned by Fusion VR. It garnered immense praise from TAFE leadership for implementing a concept ahead of its time in the country.

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VR-AR-MR Training Solutions for Health-Safety-Environment (HSE) & Emergency Response - Assistance

Defence Exhibitions Aero India & DefExpo's

Fusion VR has partnered with the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for the Aero India Exhibition & DefExpo. It was our pleasure to be associated with the premier research establishment in the country to showcase the latest defence technologies using the latest immersive technologies. Our team has delivered innovative digital experiences such as the 3D Stereoscopic movie, Interactive Virtual Reality Experiences, Holography, Touch interactive Kiosks at the Aero India Exhibitions. For the DefExpos held at Lucknow, Fusion VR delivered Interactive Virtual Reality Movies, and 2D/3D Animated motion graphics content. Our contributions engaged and enthralled the dignitaries and international visitors who attended the event.

Engage Fusion VR for your Museum 2.0 & Corporate Experience Centre Projects

The key to success is not just the advanced hardware or software technologies deployed, but a clear idea of the immersive and engaging experiences that the museums or corporate clients want for its visitors. Our endeavour is to make every minute spent at the museum truly worthwhile.

Our passionate and committed team of creative and technology experts have a keen understanding of what it takes to create unforgettable experiences. Partner with Fusion VR right away to learn more about our offerings and creative concepts that make museums really unique in the 21st century!

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Read first hand accounts from our satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative power of Fusion VR's Museum 2.0 turnkey solutions. Our testimonials highlight the impact of our work on museums and experience Centers, as well as the value we bring to each project.

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