Success Stories

PM. Narendra Modi experiencing Industry 4.0 in virtual reality VR content of Fusion VR at DefExpo-2020 at Lucknow

Defence Exhibitions

Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi experiencing VR

Fusion VR has partnered with the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for the Aero India Exhibition & DefExpo. It was our pleasure to be associated with the premier research establishment in the country to showcase the latest defence technologies using the latest immersive technologies. Our team has delivered innovative digital experiences such as the 3D Stereoscopic movie, Interactive Virtual Reality Experiences, Holography, Touch interactive Kiosks at the Aero India Exhibitions. For the DefExpos held at Lucknow, Fusion VR delivered Interactive Virtual Reality Movies, and 2D/3D Animated motion graphics content. Our contributions engaged and enthralled the dignitaries and international visitors who attended the event.

AR & MR On the Job Remote Assistance using HoloLens and Realwear HMT

AR & MR On the Job Remote Assistance

Our On-the-Job remote assistance solutions through AR & MR technologies are carefully designed to cater both high-risk hazardous zones (to be Intrinsically-Safe) as well as the sophisticated indoor environments. Delivering the right information and expertise at the right time at the right place is the whole idea behind these solutions. Reduced Time & Errors, Increased Productivity & Safety are the key benefits of this tool with proven very high return on investment.

Virtual Reality - Operator Training Simulator (VR - OTS)

Virtual Reality - Operator Training Simulator (VR - OTS)

Our VR Operator Training Simulators (VR-OTS) virtually recreates the Immersive Digital-Twin of the process plant. Operators can easily and safely acquire in-depth knowledge and receive training on critical skills for effective execution of Standard Operating Procedures for Start-up, Shutdown and rarely performed Critical/Emergency Operations. The VR-OTS system enables organizations to train employees more quickly with superior results with minimal risk.

The VR-OTS has been designed and developed with the collaboration of Industry 4.0 experts and Process-Plant Subject Matter Experts. This has the capacity to communicate with the existing Control Room DCS Operator training modules and Multi-player interactions. It also supports fully immersive Head Mounted VR Displays, Positional tracking and Hand controllers.

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Augmented Reality - Operator Training Simulator (AR - OTS)

Augmented Reality - Operator Training Simulator (AR-OTS)

This advanced Augmented Reality Operator Training Simulator has similar benefits and functionality as the VR-OTS which was originally conceptualized and developed hand-in-hand with SMEs for training the plant operators on the SOP & Emergency procedures.

This system uses a very simple and easy to use interface with minimalistic hardware, real-time simulation technology for tracking, interaction and analytics all enabled and powered from a mobile device. The training delivered helps operators to easily and safely acquire in-depth knowledge and receive training on critical skills for effective execution of Standard Operating Procedures for Start-up, Shutdown and rarely performed Critical/Emergency Operations.

Open for Co-Development
Virtual Reality-VR Welding Skill-training-Simulator-Weldsim


The award winning Virtual reality (VR) welding simulator-WeldSim is our product which provides kinesthetic memory skills that enable training abilities at lower cost to the training institution. The skills that are developed are essential muscle memory techniques required for welding. WeldSim provides training institutions with the technology currently used in the industry and making it available in the classroom, also it provides the essential skills needed before entering into traditional welding training. Though functional at its current state, this product is under further refining and development and will soon be available for licensing.

Virtual Reality-VR Automobile Maintenance-training simulator

Automobile Maintenance Simulator

This Interactive VR Simulator gives deep insights of an Internal Combustion Engine Operations. Users are able to take Realtime controls over various functionalities and the Engine responds Dynamically. Users learn various maintenance activities thoroughly interactively manipulating parts and tools. This experience enables any user to learn and understand such operation and maintenance activities in a safe and comfortable environment.

Amma Museum & Knowledge Park's Digital Museum Experiences Developed by Fusion VR

Amma Museum & Knowledge Park

The Amma Museum and Knowledge Park at Chennai showcases some of the best interactive digital museum experiences in our country. This museum is an important part of the memorial unveiled recently in honour of the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. J. Jayalalithaa. The Amma Museum vividly brings to life the beloved leader’s life story and contributions to the people of Tamil Nadu and India. Fusion VR executed this project within a record time of 8 weeks in active coordination with the Government of Tamil Nadu and private contractors. The appreciation from the press and public has been tremendous on the innovative use of immersive digital technologies. This project also stands as a testament to Fusion VR’s superior technological and project execution skills.

Chronicles India, Mahabalipuram - 7DX experience theatre Created and Installed by Fusion VR

Chronicles India, Mahabalipuram

Fusion VR pioneered the creation and installation of a 7DX experience theatre called Pallava, Dynasty - A Time Travel for Chronicles India. This unforgettable experience Presents the rich history, architectural and cultural splendour of the Pallavas Dynasty at Mamallapuram, just outside Chennai. This concept provided entertainment, education and a fine appreciation of India’s rich cultural history for both young and old. Fusion VR used movie motion chairs, 3D glasses, special effects such as wind, rain and aroma and expertly developed historical content and special effects. Fusion VR packaged an exciting experience for tourist, a first in India at a UNESCO World Heritage site and also received a congratulatory message from UNESCO. Chronicles India not only won the hearts and minds of its patrons, but also received many awards for its innovative design from the travel industry.

Kurukshetra Water Screen Multimedia Show's Multimedia Experience Developed by Fusion VR

Kurukshetra Water Screen Multimedia Show

Fusion VR takes pride in its contributions for the Water Screen Show at the lake around Kurukshetra, Haryana. We collaborated with the best creative and engineering expertise in the country and delivered a comprehensive project report for the execution of this project. This required detailed engineering of water screen with a floating platform design and its hydraulics factoring in climatic conditions, water quality etc. and combining that with the creative requirements to deliver a spectacular multimedia experience for pilgrims and general public. We are thankful for having support & Knowledge Transfer from The Centre for Water Resources, Anna University on this project. Fusion VR has demonstrated the expertise to collaborate with various stakeholders to deliver the required scope and an exceptional experience.

Virtual Reality-VR Automobile Virtual Product launch and Product explorer

TAFE-Learning & Experience Centre

The TAFE Learning & Experience Centre is a brilliant exposition of the use of technology to highlight product features and benefits to corporate customers, suppliers, vendors and technology partners. Fusion VR provided consulting services for the latest interactive technologies such as AR, VR, MR, Holography and Design. The most exciting exhibit at this centre is the Virtual Reality Product Explorer which was developed and commissioned by Fusion VR. It garnered immense praise from TAFE leadership for implementing a concept ahead of its time in the country.

ImmeX Zone VR ride kiosks at Singapore and Indian Malls

Immex Zone, Chennai & Singapore

ImmeX-Zone was the first ever commercially launched real immersive VR product in India and also internationally in Singapore and Dubai in 2014. Fusion VR introduced and popularized the VR experience for the general public, making it easily accessible at amusement parks when VR was in its infancy. ImmeX Zone provided an immersive 3D 360 visual experience and included additional sensory information, such as 3D positional sound and physical FX such as vibrators, pokers, ticklers, blasters, hot/cold air, aroma etc., to make you believe that you’re in an imaginary world while actually wearing a VR headset and seated on a chair with moves along with the body dynamics. This proved to be a safe and unforgettable experience for people of all ages.

Experience Vivekananda at RKM Museums Developed by Fusion VR

Experience Vivekananda

The Ramakrishna Mission (RKM) hosts digital interactive experiences such as Experience Vivekananda at its RKM Museums across the country. That highlight the life and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. Fusion VR developed and installed the 3D Stereoscopic movie experience that brings to life Swami Vivekananda’s historic speech in Chicago at the World Parliament of Religions in 1893. Another impressive experience at the museum is the Sound and Light SFX show on Sri Ramakrishna. We also commissioned “Ask Vivekananda”, the first full-fledged Augmented Reality (AR) experience of Swami Vivekananda and “Tears of Vivekananda – Transformation of India”, the first 4D Virtual Reality (VR) short movie on Swami Vivekananda. These experiences were dedicated to the nation by Shri Prahlad Singh Patel, Hon’ble Minister of State for Culture and Tourism, Govt. of India at Vivekananda House, Chennai. Fusion VR is extremely proud to have been associated with the nation building initiatives of RKM.


Dynamic Responsive Hardware/Software Simulation Platform (ImmeX-D)

Physical Working Prototype is Ready

This is a highly responsive 3DOF hydraulic platform with integrated effects and haptics driven by the real-time data from the simulation engine according to the user interactions. This platform can be integrated in most of the Virtual Reality experiences ranging from flight simulators to theme park rides.

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