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Fusion VR is one of India’s leading Customer Focused Industry 4.0 Solutions companies helping businesses in their Digital-Transformation journeys. We handhold companies deploying the Industry 4.0 suite of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Immersive Digital Twin technologies.

Fusion VR provides solutions for multi-verticals to enhance production efficiencies, eliminate Safety-Incidents, increase profitability and lead on the path to become a Smart Factory. Our goal is to turn every idea into an exciting XR Product which ultimately delivers a great Experiential-Learning and unbelievable Return-On-Investment (ROI) benefits to our clients.

We realized at an early stage that VR, AR and MR can make Science-Fiction dreams a Practical-Reality around the world as these technologies were spreading outside the gaming and entertainment industries and revolutionizing practical Industrial applications.

The Fusion VR team is a multidisciplinary team of Engineers, Technologists, Artists, Subject Matter Experts and Consultants with several decades of experience across various industries. We invest in listening to your problems and challenges in order to evaluate and design solutions that address them in a holistic and sustainable manner for a brighter tomorrow.

We provide digital-twins, training simulators, remote assistance solutions, smart visualization solutions, sales, marketing and customer service solutions for a wide spectrum of industries. Our clients are both national and global, across private, governmental and not-for-profit sectors. We provide superior value for our customers in their digital journey with truly immersive experiences for a smart manufacturing future.



  • Listed in Forbes India-2019 as “Contributors in Shaping Modern India”
  • Designed Award winning VR Products for Private and Government agencies in India and across the world
  • Listed as one of “20 Most Promising Virtual Reality Solution Providers – 2018” - by Silicon India
  • One of our major initiatives, ImmeX-Zone was the first ever commercially launched real immersive VR product in India and Singapore with indigenously developed VR-HMD and a Dynamic Haptics & Effects integrated Simulation-Platform for an ultimate VR-Experience of that time
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