Chemicals, Oil & Gas

VR-AR-MR for Chemicals, Oil & Gas Industries

Chemicals, Oil & Gas Industry Challenges

The Chemicals and Oil & Gas Industries face several challenges. Human error causes nearly 80 to 90% of all industrial mishappenings and unplanned downtime which affects employees, customers and the company’s financial health.

As per reports, industrial manufacturers face approx. 800 hours of annual unplanned outages costing them an estimated $50 billion annually. Equipment failure due to improper maintenance is the cause of 42 % of this unplanned downtime which results in excessive maintenance, repair, and equipment replacement.

To remain competitive, companies need to operate safely, reliably and efficiently. For that, a highly trained and competent workforce is required. Most workers are practical learners, acquiring 70% of their skills and knowledge from experiential learning. But, conventional training approaches & On-the-Job Training (OJT) programs are expensive, logistically difficult and also involve risks.

Oil and Gas technician wearing Augmented Reality (AR) headset inside refinery for plant operations and maintenance assistance

Augmented Reality Solutions

Augmented Reality (AR) technology brings you efficient and cost-effective psychophysics-based solutions to solve your problems. Using AR-Powered Tablets, plant equipment is simulated inside industrial classrooms to train employees. On-the-Job Assistance using Augmented Reality technology through Tablets or Wearables enables digital overlays over the real environment with visual instruction and interactive guidance.

Experiential Learning

Augmented Reality Training Simulators deliver immersive, scenario-based, experiential learning. This enables engineers and technicians to learn critical skills, test and evaluate themselves to handle high risk equipment and tools without even entering the Process Plant or Shop-Floor but inside an immersive, safe and zero-consequence virtual environment.


AR education makes learning fun! Well-designed games motivate and imbue players with clear goals, a sense of reward and fulfilment, encouraging them to persist until those goals are achieved. Applying motivational power to non-game contexts is Gamification which makes learning interesting and easier than ever.

Quick Results

AR transforms your employees into competent, confident individuals, inheriting decades of knowledge and experience in a short duration saving years of training time. Latest study indicates that AR implementation has immediately increased the Operations and Maintenance efficiencies by 40-65% and in some cases up to 90%.

Our AR Solutions for Chemicals and Oil & Gas

We offer customized end to end AR solutions for
Chemicals and Oil & Gas Industries.

Big-Data visualisation for Chemicals, Oil and Gas Industry using VR-AR-MR
Exploration & Big-Data Visualisation:

Using AR powered Tablets & Wearables, 3D-Visualization of Geophysical Data generated from Seismic and Micro seismic data surveys overlaid on different layers inside the 3D AR space helps increase the efficiency of exploration, drilling, and production operations by assisting in making well-informed decisions.

Chemicals, Oil and Gas Plant Operations & Maintenance - Assistance using Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR)
Plant Operations & Maintenance - Assistance:

On-the-Job Assistance using AR-powered Wearables enable digital overlays on top of the real environment with visual instruction and interactive guidance. These Intrinsically Safe (IS) certified Wearables make critical information available, in front of your eyes, right inside the plant. You can have live process parameters and alarm status from DCS through OPC or equipment data and history from SAP, Voice and infographics assistance for Standard Operating Procedures, all leading to smarter, error-free and well-informed decisions.

Augmented Reality (AR) Plant Operator Training Simulators (AR-OTS) for Chemicals, Oil and Gas industries
Plant Operations - Training:

Operator Training Simulators (AR-OTS) using AR powered Tablets, Augments the Immersive Digital-Twin of the Plant and sophisticated equipment system right inside the classroom. Operators can easily acquire in-depth knowledge and obtain training on skills for effective execution of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for start-ups, shutdowns, rarely performed critical plant operations and work permit systems such as Hot Work, Confined space, Work at Heights and Heavy lifts.

Augmented Reality (AR) Plant Maintenance Training Simulators (AR-MTS) for Chemicals, Oil and Gas industries
Plant & Equipment Maintenance - Training:

Our Maintenance Training Simulators (AR-MTS) using AR powered Tablets, Augments the Immersive Digital-Twin of the sophisticated Plant-Equipment system right inside the classroom. AR-MTS enables virtual hands-on-experience to efficiently troubleshoot and repair the sensitive machinery. Training includes picking the right parts and tools aided by step-by-step instructions from Standard Maintenance Procedures (SMP) along with internal views.

AR-MTS enables safe & effective training of high-risk maintenance activities whether it is Predetermined, Proactive maintenance such as Predictive & Preventive maintenance or Reactive such as Emergency & Corrective maintenance.

VR-AR-MR Training Solutions for Health-Safety-Environment (HSE) & Emergency Response - Assistance  for Chemicals, Oil and Gas
HSE & Emergency Response - Assistance:

The effective execution of Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is considerably affected by various physiological & psychological Human factors. Possible overlooking of procedures and inefficient time management at mission critical scenes is intolerable. Our ERP Assistance AR-Module using Wearables can maximize ERP effectiveness by speeding up the team’s response time through smart-instructions using voice, text and infographics which ensures no overlooking of procedures.

Augmented Reality (AR) Remote Expert Support for chemicals,oil and gas
Remote Expert - Assistance:

Our Remote Expert Interactive Video support using Wearables, helps Offshore & Onshore facilities where personnel cannot be mobilized & collaborate instantly.

Employee performance is evaluated through precise data collection, KPIs and dashboards
developed with proven Brain-Science Techniques and Artificial Intelligence-based analyses. We understand your challenges and have the expertise to deploy AR tailored to your needs.

Benefits of AR in Chemicals, Oil & Gas

Fast Results

Reduce the time to operator proficiency without involving tons of money, effort and risks

Reduced Errors

Experience jaw-dropping productivity & profitability by reducing human errors, plant shutdowns, downtime and equipment damages


Safely manage operational and maintenance tasks

Increased Efficiency

Improve operator’s ability to respond appropriately to rarely occurring but critical emergency operations

Quality & Compliance

Enhance regulatory compliance, product quality, customer satisfaction and industry reputation.

Accurate KPI

Remotely accomplish, Training and Certification goals while capturing the most accurate Key-Performance Indices (KPI) of trainees

How Do We Execute

  • Problem Statement Analysis

  • Solution Design

  • Freezing Scope of Work

  • Budget & Schedule Estimates

  • Agreement & Inputs Gathering

  • UI & UX Design

  • 2D & 3D Asset Creations

  • Application Development

  • Test, Debug and Delivery

  • User Acceptance Tests

  • Documentation and Knowledge Transfer


Engage FusionVR for your Augmented Reality Projects

The key to success is not just the advanced hardware or software technologies deployed, but a clear identification of the right use cases and careful crafting of effective solutions that increase employee productivity, reduce costs and deliver superior returns.

Our passionate and committed Process, HSE and Maintenance engineers and Extended-Reality experts with decades of world-class experience have a keen understanding of the challenges, risks and opportunities in your industry. Partner with FusionVR right away to learn more about our secret recipes, and transform your company’s future in this 21st century!

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