Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions for Healthcare and Pharma

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Life Sciences, Pharma & Healthcare Challenges

Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. According to WHO, “Industries with a perceived higher risk, such as the aviation and nuclear industries, have a much better safety record than health care does.” A recent Johns Hopkins study states that more than 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors alone. Other reports do claim the numbers to be even higher. Patient safety is a serious global concern that leads to unnecessary loss of lives, regulatory violations and damaged reputation. The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for the healthcare sector that needs technological support to deliver positive patient outcomes

As per reports, industrial manufacturers face approx. 800 hours of annual unplanned outages, costing them an estimated $50 billion annually. Equipment failure causes 42% of this unplanned downtime which results in excessive maintenance costs, repair duration, and equipment replacement.

Most humans are practical learners, often acquiring 70% of their skills and knowledge from experiential learning. Robust On-the-Job Training (OJT) programs are expected to solve these challenges, but they are very expensive, logistically difficult and involve risks.

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Life Sciences scientist visualising DNA and molecules using HoloLens Mixed Reality (MR) device for Pharma drug research
Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions for Healthcare and Pharma

Extended Reality Solutions

Extended Reality (VR/AR/MR) technologies bring you efficient and cost-effective psychophysics-based solutions to solve your problems. Using head-mounted VR devices, AR powered Tablets/Wearables and Holographic MR Goggles, plant equipment, biological structures and clinical procedures are simulated virtually inside classrooms, hospitals and R&D labs to train employees and understand problems and resolve issues. The metaverse is in our immediate future and Fusion VR will be a key enabler for the adoption and growth of metaverse in healthcare.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Extended Reality Training Simulators deliver immersive, scenario-based, experiential learning. This enables scientists, engineers, clinicians and medical professionals to learn critical skills, test and evaluate themselves to handle high-risk processes and procedures without even entering the pharmaceutical plant or operation theatre, but inside an immersive, safe and zero-consequence virtual environment. AR in healthcare helps deliver remote guidance in real time during procedures and delivers positive patient outcomes.

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VR education makes learning fun. Well-designed games motivate and imbue players with clear goals, a sense of reward and fulfilment, encouraging them to persist until those goals are achieved. Applying motivational power to non-game contexts is Gamification which makes learning interesting and easier than ever.

Quick Results

Quick Results

VR training solutions transform your employees into competent and confident individuals inheriting decades of knowledge and experience in a short duration thereby saving years of training time. PWC’s latest study indicates that VR training is 4X faster and 4X more focused than typical Class-Room training. It’s also 3.75 times more emotionally connected with a 40% improvement in confidence.

Our XR Solutions for Life Sciences, Pharma & Healthcare

We offer customized end to end VR/AR/MR solutions from R&D
labs to clinical trials and pharma manufacturing to healthcare training.

Virtual reality (VR) drug research and design visualisation for life-sciences, pharma and healthcare

XR Research & Drug Design:

Designing and manufacturing a new drug is a complex, long-duration task where mistakes can be quite costly. Our VR Solutions let scientists to visually explore the human body to the molecular level inside an interactive, immersive environment. VR imparts deeper understanding about the diseased cell targets and lets scientists effectively engineer the correct drug molecules. Real-time collaborative reviews on drug reactions, enables them to re-engineer the correct ratios of compounds until it delivers the right quality.

Pharma and Life Science have always been data-intensive industries. As the amount of information amassed increases in these sectors, researchers and industry professionals require a profound format to visualise this data. 3D-Visualization of data overlaid on different layers inside the 3D VR space helps increase the efficiency of R&D through well-informed decisions.

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Plant Operator - training simulator in Virtual reality - VR-OTS for life-sciences, pharma and healthcare

XR Plant Operations:

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are under serious pressure to produce drugs and equipment with compliance to a high degree of quality & consistency. Our Operator Training Simulators (VR-OTS) virtually recreates the immersive Digital-Twin of the plant and sophisticated equipment system. Operators can easily acquire in-depth knowledge on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Cleanrooms etc. and obtain training on skills required for effective execution of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for start-up, shutdown, quality control and rarely performed critical plant operations.

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Plant Maintenance - training simulator in Virtual reality - VR-MTS for life-sciences, pharma and healthcare

XR Plant & Equipment Maintenance:

Our Maintenance Training Simulators (VR-MTS), enables virtual hands-on experience to efficiently troubleshoot and repair sensitive machinery. Training includes selecting the right parts, spares and tools aided by step-by-step instructions from Standard Maintenance Procedures (SMP) along with internal views.

VR-MTS provides effective GMP regulatory compliance training for critical maintenance activities of Pharmaceutical plants involving equipment such as mixing vessels, filters, lubricant handling systems, autoclaves, boilers, RO systems, Water for Injection (WFI) distillation systems, filling machines, spray dryers, X-Ray inspection systems and HVAC etc.

VR-MTS ensures safe execution of high-risk maintenance activities such as Hot Work, Confined space, Work at Heights and Heavy lifts whether it is predetermined, proactive maintenance such as Predictive & Preventive maintenance or reactive types such as Emergency & Corrective maintenance.

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VR-AR-MR Training Solutions for Health-Safety-Environment (HSE) & Emergency Response - Assistance

XR HSE & Emergency Response:

Our scenario-based Fire, Safety and Emergency Response VR training maximise the effectiveness of employees’ response to mission-critical situations. Training covers individual and collaborative execution of the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) accounting for various physiological & psychological human factors. Emergencies occur rarely, but great preparedness always helps.

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Product Demos using VR, AR and MR in Pharmaceutical marketing

XR Pharma-Marketing:

Product Demos using VR/AR/MR, help the stakeholders of life-sciences companies to have in-depth knowledge on complex medical concepts behind the products and their value. Interactive XR visualisations also ensure effective understanding of the molecular structures, biochemical interaction and their Mechanism of Action (MOA) as an empathetic experience.

Sales reps can leverage the benefits of XR, by providing demos for physicians to hypothetically illustrate their drugs’ action on deceased cells through 3D animations inside the immersive XR space.

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Virtual reality (VR) Healthcare medical Training Simulators for Doctors

XR Healthcare-Simulators:

A high degree of medical expertise is what the world expects to cope with the ongoing pandemic and anticipated influx of COVID-19 patients worldwide. Hence, competency in the healthcare and medical education industry is becoming even more critical for the nation.

The healthcare industry can use VR-Simulation modules to impart medical knowledge, safe practices, medical protocols and complex clinical procedures to extensively train medical students, doctors, nurses, and health workers in the real world. This helps to fill the gap between classroom theories and actual practices and to minimize potential risks by enhancing their critical thinking clinical decision-making skills. Information and knowledge are vividly presented in the immersive VR environment and the learning achieved is instantaneous. Augmented Reality in healthcare provides superb medical imaging that augments doctors to describe symptoms and also better explain how certain procedures are conducted to patients and support staff.

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Mental Health & Psychiatric Cognitive Treatment using Virtual reality (VR)

XR Mental Health & Psychiatric Treatment:

Cognitive treatment programs using Virtual Reality (VR) have already demonstrated its dramatic potential in rapid and lasting gain in mental health & psychiatric treatments such as anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobias such as fear of heights, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Psychiatric symptoms of patients can be effectively elicited inside virtually recreated immersive VR spaces and through psychological manipulations inside VR, psychiatrists are able to understand better their patient’s mental state and give effective treatments using VR Exposure-Therapy.

The study report published in The Lancet Psychiatry, highlights the better results from VR therapy compared with outcomes of typical face-to-face conventional therapies. For example, VR therapy for “Fear of Heights” has shown an average reduction of participants' fear being 68%.

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Employee performance is evaluated through precise data collection, KPIs and dashboards developed with proven
Brain-Science Techniques and Artificial Intelligence-based analyses.
We understand your challenges and have the expertise to deploy VR tailored to your needs.

Benefits of XR in Life Sciences, Pharma & Healthcare


Fast Results

Reduce the time to operator proficiency without involving tons of money, effort and risks.


Reduced Errors

Experience jaw-dropping productivity & profitability by reducing human errors, plant shutdowns, downtime and equipment damages.



Safely manage operational and maintenance tasks.


Increased Efficiency

Improve operator’s ability to respond appropriately to rarely occurring but critical emergency operations.


Quality & Compliance

Enhance regulatory compliance, product quality, customer satisfaction and industry reputation.


Accurate KPI

Remotely accomplish, Training and Certification goals while capturing the most accurate Key-Performance Indices (KPI) of trainees.

How Do We Execute

  • Problem Statement Analysis

  • Solution Design

  • Freezing Scope of Work

  • Budget & Schedule Estimates

  • Agreement & Inputs Gathering

  • UI & UX Design

  • 2D & 3D Asset Creations

  • Application Development

  • Test, Debug and Delivery

  • User Acceptance Tests

  • Documentation and Knowledge Transfer


Engage Fusion VR for your Augmented Reality Projects

The key to success is not just the advanced hardware or software technologies deployed, but a clear identification of the right use cases and careful crafting of effective solutions that increase employee productivity, reduce costs and deliver superior returns.

Our passionate and committed Process, HSE and Maintenance engineers and Extended-Reality experts with decades of world-class experience have a keen understanding of the challenges, risks and opportunities in your industry. Partner with Fusion VR, visit right away to learn more about our secret recipes, and transform your organisation’s future in this 21st century!

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