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To understand what makes Fusion VR unique in the industrial space, let me share with you on how we evolved. My name is Dr. C.SS Bharathy, the founder of Fusion VR. About 25 years ago, as a petrochemical plant operator, I faced the same challenges as many professionals in the industry face today.

The opportunity to truly learn occurred only when plant upsets and abnormal situations happened, which was quite rare. Through such events, my learning experience was 100%, which I could confidently apply when such a scenario repeated itself. What I learned in classrooms, from seniors and SOPs never really helped in the mid-90s when no technological alternatives existed. I realized how effective learning could be crucial to run factories and plants safely, efficiently and profitably.

I started my award-winning multimedia career in 2004 and got involved with Virtual Reality technologies a decade ago. From the moment I realized the stunning potential of VR, It became my passion and obsession to develop a One-Stop Solution for the Industrial landscape where I started my career. Naturally, I got the privilege to collaborate with experts from my professional circle and identified technologists and professionals to design, develop and implement solutions for the Oil & Gas. Seeing the success in reality, I became a passionate advocate and pioneer in developing smart solutions for defense and various process and manufacturing industries.


Our first Virtual Reality Operator Training Simulator (VR-OTS) for process industries concept was delivered to Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore. From that day on we have consistently delivered several challenging projects for Govt & other International clients.

Now the brainchild of our dreams has evolved into the mind-blowing Proprietary XR-Platform. With the knowledge base, expertise and skills, we provide Industry 4.0 Immersive technology solutions to all industries and help them become smart factories. We listen and we understand your challenges and collaborate with you to provide solutions to fit your needs.

My team and I are excited at every opportunity to help our clients on their digital transformation journey. We are constantly exploring technological advances for smart factories and look forward to serving you. I invite you to explore our website to catch a glimpse of our capabilities and urge to get in touch with us.

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  • Nearly 3 decades of professional industry experience in consultancy, teaching, training, research & product development in Singapore and India.
  • Doctorate in stereoscopic 3D (Virtual Reality).
  • Adobe certified video specialist and the “First” Certified instructor of South East Asia in 2004.
  • Certified Industry 4.0 Professional with a proven track record of developing and enhancing a diverse range of cutting-edge XR solutions for governmental and private clients worldwide.
  • Providing Expert-Consultation to Department of Science and Technology, government of India for Immersive Metaverse, XR and Museum 2.0 technologies.
  • Upon special invitation by the Digital Exhibitions Executive Committee, Ministry of Culture, Govt of India, he has provided technology expertise..
  • Designed & Executed various VR projects for Defence-Expos, Aero-India Exhibits & DRDO, Govt of India since 2012.
  • Year 2012 - 2014: Launched ImmeX-Zone: First ever VR product in India and Singapore. Developed indigenous VR-HMD, Dynamic Haptics & Effects integrated Simulation-Platform for an ultimate VR-Experience.
  • Executive Committee member - Centre for Immersive Technologies' at CEG/ Anna University Chennai.
  • Started AIM Multimedia - India’s first & only training institute authorized by Adobe, Autodesk, Corel & Wacom in 2007.
  • An evangelist for adoption of immersive technologies for Next-Gen Interactive Museums. Consulted, architected and executed the country’s most innovative 7D shows, Light & Sound shows, storytelling museums and digital experience centres..
  • Research and Achievements include VR/AR/MR (XR), Stereoscopic 3D imaging, Photogrammetry-3D Reconstruction, 3D Scanning, Stereo-3D 180/360 VR Animation & Filming Cinematographic techniques 3D-Projection Mapping, Multiscreen Stereo Projections, Holography, Motion-Capture, 7D Simulations, Sound & Light - Fountain Shows and other latest immersive technologies.
  • In 2004, Bharathy played a crucial role in the development of the technical workflow for HD movie making with Panasonic Singapore and AV8 Media Singapore. His contributions paved the way for digital cinema and its positive growth. He also worked as a consultant for HD filming and visited major studios in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Europe. He even gave presentations for Sony Singapore's product launches..
  • Contributed Research articles for Science Magazines and Awarded as “Distinguished Scientist” @ International Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics held at Hyderabad in 2012..
  • Designed and Executed AR/VR Training & Lab setup /curriculum under Industry Academic Alliance Program for 40+ colleges and universities across India.
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