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Anyone aspiring to learn augmented reality requires to obtain a solid understanding of the technology, tools, and programming languages needed to create engaging AR experiences. There are many augmented reality courses available that will meet the learning objectives stated above and help students and young professionals become competent augmented reality developers. The growth and business potential unleashed for individuals and companies who are armed with a top-quality AR professional certificate can be significant.

It is of immense importance to recruit personnel with credible professional qualifications and also sponsor existing employees to obtain AR and VR course certification and help contribute to the company’s growth.

There is an increasing demand for AR professionals as the technology is being continually integrated in almost every aspect of human endeavor. Consequently, this has fueled the growth of augmented reality training courses which is hoped to improve the employment prospects for students. Starting with gaming and entertainment, AR has found exciting applications in the fields of education, marketing, manufacturing, and much more. The rapid growth of AI and its transformation of AR will be seen fairly soon. The overlay of digital content would be more relevant and engaging as it will be powered using AI. With smartphones becoming a necessity for everyone on this planet, the use of AR in everyday applications is set to grow exponentially. As our lives are becoming more and more digitally influenced, AR presents the best opportunity for our physical and digital lives to coexist seamlessly.

One thing that is evident is that AR is a new field and there is a wonderful opportunity to innovate as its adoption rates increase. The boundaries of what is possible with AR are widening and are inviting a lot of investment and new entrepreneurs. Governments are sponsoring efforts and providing incentives to spur investment in AR solutions. All these developments are directly and indirectly contributing to the profusion of AR VR training courses in the country. As the market grows and matures, it also creates an ecosystem of professionals and entrepreneurs who will take the industry to a new level.

While choosing the right course provider for AR VR certification may be a difficult task for parents and children, it has been made easy by industry leaders. Through technology events and seminars where industry experts, academics, and professionals meet, the most common discussion has been how India will develop the talent pool to meet the opportunities unleashed by the potential of augmented reality. New degree courses and certificate courses have mushroomed across the country. Recent graduates and software professionals have joined them and met with reasonable success. However, many have partnered with industry experts to develop the curriculum and learning content needed. One of the impressive initiatives seen in this area is the Industry Academic Alliance Program launched by ARK Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in partnership with Fusion VR. This program ensures that the institutions have world-class infrastructure and highly trained faculty to deliver the knowledge and skills needed for competent augmented reality developers in the AR world.

It must be quite evident that seeing these trends in the AR industry, the potential waiting to be exploited is huge. It takes the concerted efforts of the industry, academic institutions, investors, and entrepreneurs to fully realize the potential of augmented reality technology. The world is embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution to make quantum leaps in the establishment of smart factories. AR is one of the key technologies driving this. It is fair to say that we should expect and embrace the impact of augmented reality in our everyday lives.