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Fusion VR is India’s leading Customer Focused VR, AR and Industry 4.0 solutions company that is focused on helping businesses in their Digital-Transformation journeys. We handhold companies deploying the Industry 4.0 suite of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) and Digital Twins (DT) technologies. We are also one of India’s leading VR / AR companies actively supporting the development and implementation of these technologies in the industrial sectors.

Fusion VR provides solutions for multi-verticals to enhance production efficiencies, eliminate Safety-Incidents, increase profitability and lead on the path to becoming a Smart Factory. Our goal as an AR & VR development company is to turn every idea into an exciting XR Product. We help in deploying AR and VR technology that ultimately delivers great Experiential-Learning and unbelievable Return-On-Investment (ROI) benefits to our clients.

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VR, AR, MR Solutions

Oil & Gas Process operator wearing Virtual Reality (VR) headset and taking training for offshore oil rig operations Oil & Gas Process operator wearing Virtual Reality (VR) headset and taking training for offshore oil rig operations
VR - Virtual Reality

image Oil and Gas technician wearing Augmented Reality (AR) headset inside refinery for plant operations and maintenance assistance
AR - Augmented Reality

image Life Sciences scientist visualising DNA and molecules using HoloLens Mixed Reality (MR) device for Pharma drug research
MR - Mixed Reality

Industries We Serve

Defence & AviationDefence & Aviation
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
Fire & SafetyFire & Safety
Industrial-Training & UniversitiesIndustrial-Training & Universities
Smart Cities & ArchitectureSmart Cities & Architecture

Our Projects

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Our On-the-Job remote assistance solutions through AR & MR technologies are carefully designed to cater both high-risk hazardous zones...more...

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Our VR Operator Training Simulators (VR-OTS) virtually recreates the Immersive Digital-Twin of the process plant. Operators can easily... more...

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The award winning Virtual reality (VR) welding simulator-WeldSim is our product which provides kinesthetic memory skills that... more...

Workshops and Seminars

We believe in sharing advances in AR VR technology and its applications in industry for the benefit of everyone. Being one of the leading augmented reality and virtual reality companies in India, we deliver business seminars, workshops, VR training and educational presentations to help understand, explore and begin or refine your immersive Industry 4.0 journeys. Allow us to help you navigate into the exciting new world of smart manufacturing. Our experienced team of professionals can custom design Workshops and Seminars at your chosen venue for any target audience to elevate awareness on AR VR applications.

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Subject Matter Expertise

  • Certified Industry 4.0 professionals with over 25 years of Industry experience
  • Immersive-technologists, Stereo-imaging specialists & Creative artists with over 15 years of experience
  • Game-engine, Internet-of-Things (IoT) & Artificial-Intelligence (AI) Developers with nearly 10 years of experience
  • Process Engineers with over 25 years of experience in Plant Operations (Field & DCS console), Emergency & HSE Training in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical facilities
  • Maintenance engineering consultants with over 30 years of experience in Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Failure Mode Effective Analysis (FMEA), Equipment Criticality Analysis (ECA), Maintenance Craft Procedure (MCP) for onshore and offshore facility, Oil & Gas, Gas compressor station, Gas supply station, Refinery, Petrochemical, Mining and Power industries
  • Electrical & Instrumentation engineering consultants with more than 27 years of experience in setting up of engineering and maintenance systems for Greenfield and Brownfield projects with specialization in SIL, RCM, FMEA, RCA, Design/Development & Audit of PSM programs in addition to expertise in Process Automation and Electrical safety audits for Manufacturing Industries
  • Multi-Disciplinary Advisory Committee consisting of more than 15 renowned Senior-Scientists engaged in areas such as Space Research, Image-Processing, Ocean-Technology, Atomic Energy, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical, DNA-Computing and Stereoscopy
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VR-in-Medical-Training VR-in-Medical-Training

How can VR in Medical Training Help Doctors?

Medicine is one of the most vital fields for the survival of humanity. By integrating modern, sophisticated technologies with the healthcare industry, it is not only possible to save more lives but also prolong them. For many years Virtual Reality has been seen as a key technology for the gaming industry, but these days it is making its impact in every sector, from engineering to healthcare.

Due to the lack of resources and the impact of COVID-19, many educational institutions and hospitals are unable to provide full-fledged practical training to the students, which ultimately leads to a lack of knowledge and skills. It’s a serious situation which has a significant impact on the healthcare situation in any nation. This is where Virtual Reality comes to the rescue.

Virtual reality in medical education improves the precision and effectiveness of medical training. It enables the user to experience situations in the virtual world that they would never be able to experience in the real world due to physical limitations.

When compared to the cost of medical equipment and machinery, Virtual Reality headsets are very much affordable.

Moreover, virtual reality can provide a view of the anatomy of the human body and can inspect the 3D models of each organ individually. It allows the students to learn how the various organs work and how they are interconnected throughout the body.

Virtual Reality solutions can be designed to generate multiple complex cases and guide the students to recognise and handle those situations effectively. In the real world, it would take many years to get expert-level experience. Still, with these generated complex scenarios, the students can learn the fundamentals many times faster and can gain expert-level of experience in a shorter span of time.

It is quite risky to operate on a real person for training purposes, and every minute matters when surgery is being done, but in Virtual Reality, the students are free of time constraints, and failures are very much tolerable. Each student will be guided with step-by-step procedures, and VR surgical training provides a realistic experience with no risk to lives. Virtual Reality can also be used to evaluate themselves with a score at the end of each training and understand their true potential.

Quite often, a lot of preparation is required for doctors to operate on patients with complex disorders and diseases, and the doctors may not be fully aware of the risks. Still, the same complexity can be simulated inside a virtually recreated human body and can help the surgeons get prepared for the surgery beforehand.

This three-dimensional perspective of the organs in the virtual world lets the surgeons plan accordingly and improves the accuracy of the surgery. Moreover, they can simulate the surgery multiple times before getting their hands on the real patient and have the best possible way to operate on the patient successfully.

Traditionally the doctors can give the patient an idea about their condition via a standard physical model and images but with Virtual Reality, the patient can get a better idea of their own anatomy and a clear sense of their condition.

Virtual Reality can play a big role in cognitive rehabilitation therapy (CRT) by restoring the cognitive function of the brain. Virtual reality can provide more sensory stimulations and real-time feedback when a task is done, which can greatly impact the rate of improvement.

Overall, VR in medical training is an innovative way for the advancement of patient care as well training and sharpen the skills of medical practitioners, thereby adding value to the healthcare industry and the well-being of a nation’s Human Resources

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AR-in-construction AR-in-construction

Applications of Augmented Reality in Building Construction

Building Construction is undoubtedly a tough profession, particularly for those who have to brave the sun and rain. While heavy machinery and equipment have mechanised many operations, it is still a demanding place to work. Computers and technology have brought in many advantages as well, but there are more technological solutions on hand to make this job a bit more easier. The construction site is also a high-risk workplace with thousands of accidents and injuries each year. Projects racing against time to complete also add an undue amount of pressure on everyone involved. Things done under such circumstances lead to injuries, quality issues, schedule overruns and a loss of morale. That could become a big headache for the bosses, for sure.

Fortunately, we have technologies today that can alleviate all those problems, enable empowerment of the workforce and deliver greater productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. One of the coolest and most accessible technologies is Augmented Reality or AR. All you need is a simple smartphone to begin using this technology. This is something most of us have at almost all times with us. What AR does is overlay essential, useful and really cool stuff on what you see through the lens of your camera. That reality is “augmented” or enhanced. The overlaid stuff is completely digital, and it could just share more information on what you are seeing. Take, for example, during a tour of an apartment construction site, it could describe something that you’re already seeing or indicate something that is expected to come there. That kind of augmentation is interactive and enriches the overall experience of the user. There are many more applications for the construction process and depending on the use cases being identified.

Construction sites engage many engineers who need to ensure that buildings are constructed as per the design and engineering drawings.

Errors result in rework, unnecessary costs, and safety and reputational issues. They need to verify with drawings and documents and interpret the progress accurately in real-time. However, mistakes do happen and AR technology can help prevent those issues or detect them early enough so that they get properly addressed early on. Currently, there are many uses for augmented reality for construction projects. For example, Gamma AR is a commercially available augmented reality construction app that is being used for construction site monitoring, inspections, tracking and reporting progress. Information on what is happening on the construction site is accurately and quickly made available to everyone who needs it or is interested in it.

Applications such as these integrate BIM (Building Information Modeling) systems to help engineers visualise upcoming construction, enable preparatory works to be initiated and flag potential problems and conflicts that could be resolved ahead of time. The efficiency of the construction effort is improved dramatically,, helping to save time and money. Construction managers need to consider AR seriously and integrate its use into their construction management processes.

Augmented reality in building construction helps MEP engineers effectively perform project planning and schedule the work ahead. Using custom-developed applications, engineers use AR goggles to visualise the layout of HVAC systems from BIM models before it is laid out. They engage their teams to walk down the scope to be completed and familiarise themselves with all the construction sequences to be followed. This virtual rehearsal will help reduce errors, and material waste and improve productivity. The same application can be used to provide task-by-task guidance and obtain remote expert support when needed. Electrical, plumbing and interior fit-out activities will benefit from similar applications of Augmented Reality. Companies investing in AR are guaranteed to save labour and machinery costs in any project.

One of the most focused areas in the construction industry and a constant source of worry is construction safety. In general, construction activity creates several hazards that need to be eliminated or mitigated through the use of safe work practices. Hand injuries, falling objects, slips, trips, electric shocks, dust exposure, and work-at-height hazards are quite common. While better site layout helps, the responsibility for ensuring personal safety lies squarely with individuals. All workers on site need to be comprehensively trained on all safe work practices, hazard recognition, mitigation and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Augmented Reality solutions can be developed to provide the necessary training that is interactive, contextual and repetitive to ensure that the right safety habits get ingrained. The training is highly engaging, gamified and integrated into the company’s learning management system (LMS). Safety Trainers using such training simulators are able to review and provide feedback that improves all required competencies.

It must be quite obvious that the applications of AR technology in construction can be a game changer for companies in this business. The smart integration of such technologies and their impact on the company's bottom line cannot be underestimated. Leaders and engineers need to take advantage of these technologies right away. Engaging the right AR technology partner to help get started is crucial. We at Fusion VR have the technical and engineering subject matter expertise along with the technological capabilities to help you make choices that are sustainable and cost-effective. Augmented reality in building construction is set to revolutionise the way buildings are constructed tomorrow and in the near future.

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