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First and foremost, Fusion VR is a customer focused Museum 2.0 Immersive Digital Experience Solutions company keen on delivering sustained value to our clients and customers. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions and premium services specifically in the in the fields of Museum 2.0, Digital Experience Centres, Digital Heritage, Immersive Metaverse and Industry 4.0 utilizing technology areas such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 3D Scanning, Stereoscopic 3D, 7D, 3D-Holography, 3D Projection Mapping, Sound & Light, Multisensory experience design, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Fusion VR delivers the best end-to-end Museum 2.0 solutions available for our clients. We collaborate with our clients to create highly immersive and interactive digital museum exhibits using a wide range of technologies. We partner with all stakeholders on the creative, technological, and project execution aspects of a digital museum. Our expertise extends to the concept design, creative design, construction and commissioning of all types of museums, corporate experience centers in the governmental, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Our capabilities extend further with domain expertise in various industries such as oil & gas, manufacturing, aviation, automotive etc. with cutting-edge Industry 4.0 solutions. Our industrial projects are helping companies operate safely, efficiently and consistently deliver improved return on investment. With the innovative Industry Academic Alliance Program (IAAP) we have partnered with several leading institutions with the goal of creating a highly skilled workforce to meet the growing demand for AR VR engineers.

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Research & Development Partner


Fusion VR partners with IIITM Pravartak Technologies Foundation (hosted as a Technology Innovation Hub by IIT Madras) to reinvent Museum 2.0, Digital Experience Centre, and Digital Heritage using cutting-edge immersive technologies and innovative solutions.

VR, AR, MR Solutions

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Industry Verticals We Serve

Industry Academic Alliance ProgramIndustry Academic Alliance Program
AR VR CoursesAR VR Courses
AR VR LabsAR VR Labs

Our Projects


Fusion VR has partnered with the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for the Aero India Exhibition & DefExpo...more...


The Amma Museum and Knowledge Park at Chennai showcases some of the best interactive digital museum experiences... more...


The Ramakrishna Mission (RKM) hosts digital interactive experiences such as Experience Vivekananda at its RKM Museums... more...

Workshops and Seminars

We believe in sharing advances in AR VR technology and its applications in industry for the benefit of everyone. Being one of the leading augmented reality and virtual reality companies in India, we deliver business seminars, workshops, VR training and educational presentations to help understand, explore and begin or refine your immersive Industry 4.0 journeys. Allow us to help you navigate into the exciting new world of smart manufacturing. Our experienced team of professionals can custom design Workshops and Seminars at your chosen venue for any target audience to elevate awareness on AR VR applications.

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Our Expertise

  • Delivering Proven Capabilities in Turnkey Digital Interactive Museum projects consistently
  • Excellent Track record of World Class AR VR MR Immersive Museum exhibits
  • In-house experts in the fields of Archaeology, History, Art and Culture
  • Designing Solutions Tailored to meet Client requirements
  • Storehouse of Creative, conceptual, technical and execution experts available in-house
  • Expert Consulting for the Design and Development of Immersive Museum solutions
  • High-Quality Customer Support for our clients
  • Annual Operations and Maintenance services
  • Providing Industry focused high-value AR VR academic programs
  • Certified Industry 4.0 Professionals
  • Virtual Reality Training (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) Simulator design, development and execution
  • Wide Range of Domain Expertise for all industries and sectors
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Unleashing Potential: Augmented Reality Training Courses

Unveiling a New Reality: How VR is Transforming the Museum Experience

The new reality for visitors to many museums today has been their close encounter with Virtual Reality. VR has quietly revolutionized the way people now experience museums in Asia and across the world. VR is one of the coolest technologies museums have used to transform a rather boring visit to a traditional museum into interactive museums that are dynamic, engaging, and totally immersive. Today;s VR museums are delivering a more impactful and memorable visitors experience

Virtual reality gained popularity as it captured the young generation’s desire for a thrilling experience with its ability to provide an immersive experience. Gamers felt that they were part of the scene, much similar to playing in real life. It was very evident that the technology can be used to enhance experiences in various other applications in education, industry, design, marketing etc. The vr in museum experience has been found to increase engagement and many studies reported similar results. The Museum industry began to adopt VR in its exhibits and experiences over the past decade and the welcome from the public has been overwhelming. Traditional museums are now on the path to adopting Museum 2.0 which leverages the use of interactive technologies like VR and AR to maximize visitor engagement, involvement and interactivity inside the museum.

The transformation resulting from the incorporation of Virtual Reality (VR) has led to a significant impact on visitor growth and engagement in many museums. There are some trends and statistics that are worth sharing to highlight the positive impact of VR on museum attendance and visitor satisfaction. There is a noticeable increase in the number of visitors to museums. The National Palace Museum in Taiwan is reportedly experiencing a 30% increase in annual visitors since their introduction of VR-enhanced exhibits. These VR attractions are helping to bring both local and international visitors who are interested in exploring history in a more immersive manner. This has also led to improvements in another metric, the amount of time visitors spend inside the museum. There is an approximately 25% increase in the time spent at the Hong Kong Science Museum due to the incorporation of VR technologies in their educational exhibits. Spending more time in a museum adds to a richer learning experience for all visitors, particularly school children.

VR has significantly broadened the appeal of museums to a more diverse audience. The museum is now a place that attracts visitors of all ages, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Differently abled people are able to obtain an experience that previously were challenging. They are also able to experience certain things that weren’t available in the physical space or simple beyond access. The Singapore art museum reported a significant increase in disabled visitors due to the introduction of VR enabled experiences.

Deploying VR experience centers have helped museums gain international recognition through reviews, blogs and social media posts. Such an exposure draws people, particularly the tourists in increasing numbers. Many people tend to read reviews and gauge the popularity of museums before they plan a visit. As the exhibits have become more technologically advanced, it has also caught the attention of educators. The teachers organize field trips to museums as the learning experience their students obtain through a VR experience has greater retention of concepts and principles. The impact of VR in education is well known. The Hong Kong Science Museum has been using VR in their exhibits to explain complex scientific concepts and has garnered positive feedback from many.

The use of VR technologies in museums augurs well for the future of traditional museums and the goals they intend to achieve. We at Fusion VR are pioneers in the use of breakthrough technologies in museums and corporate experience centers. Our goal is to help create museum experiences that are rich, wholesome, engaging and truly remarkable for all kinds of museum visitors. We urge anyone who is interested in virtual reality museums to reach out to us and also check out our cool webpage on museums and corporate experience centers.

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Stepping into the Future: Exploring Fusion VR's Augmented Reality Training Course

Stepping into the Future: Exploring Fusion VR's Augmented Reality Training Course

I have come to believe that the 21st century will be more remarkable and transformative than the 20th century. The first two decades have shown stunning leaps in technology and how it has transformed the economies of nations and the lives of many individuals. Augmented reality and its applications is definitely one of those technologies that is truly transformative and impacts the daily lives of people. It is important that governments and institutions take note of its transformative power and gear themselves to engage it and harness it in the various industries and sectors of the economy. The students and the workforce of today need to get trained through the various augmented reality training courses and confidently step into the future world of work opportunities the AR industry is bringing about.

Fusion VR is one of the pioneers in the deployment of augmented reality (AR) in India. We have been at the forefront of recognizing the immense potential of AR and enabling industry leaders to see the same. We have also had the foresight to identify the gaps in securing the much needed AR talent in India and have the courage to initiate projects that will address these talent gaps and immense opportunities.

Fusion VR has developed a partnership with ARK Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd to bring to the people of India some of the most exciting and rewarding AR training opportunities imaginable. This exciting program called the Industry Academic Alliance Program (IAAP), which is one of the best industry partnerships that will enable collaboration with the universities in India to equip and train crores of students and young professionals in augmented reality as well as virtual reality. With this program, we have focused on setting up several Extended Reality (XR) partnerships with institutions that have enabled skill building, employability and entrepreneurial opportunities for aspiring students in the industrial VR, AR & MR domains and Education Metaverse space. Our overarching goal is always to enable and inspire them to acquire a professional certificate for immediate job placements and make their aspirations come true.

The IAAP program is a comprehensive program that provides AR and VR courses that can be integrated into existing academic degrees as a specialization, honours, major or minor program. In addition, they are available as diploma and AR VR certification programs as well. This enables a broad spectrum of students to acquire the skills and credentials that they seek in accordance with their academic and professional aspirations such as becoming an augmented reality developer, AR VR Engineers, AR VR apps designers etc. The course includes exciting modules such as the Unity Academic Alliance Program (UAAP), Foundation Course for XR & Metaverse, Augmented Reality Fundamentals, Advanced Augmented Reality for Industry 4.0 & Metaverse and much more. The program also establishes a strong foundation for the institutions with the infrastructure needed to conduct these courses. We deliver complete support to design and establish the industry standard AR and VR Labs coupled with high quality technical support to commission and operate all the necessary equipment and software installations. We also provide the post-installation technical support and services making it easy for the institutions to focus on skill delivery to its students. We also provide extensive training to the faculty and bring them up to speed on the latest technologies and trends in the augmented reality space.

I encourage you to explore Fusion VR’s IAAP page and the site in general to learn more about the opportunities that lie ahead of us. The current demand for AR/VR engineers worldwide is 1400% and it's rapidly growing at the rate of 280% every year. We encourage you to step into this rewarding future with Fusion VR’s augmented reality courses.

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