Welcome to Fusion VR

FusionVR is an offspring of Global Institute for Stereovision and Research (GISR) which has vast experience of over a decade in the fields of Stereoscopic Imaging, 3D Animation, Holography, Mocap Systems and Simulation Games. FusionVR focuses to help businesses in integrating VR/AR technologies with practical applications into their mainstream.

To enhance productivity and increase profitability Fusion VR has practises that excel in multi verticals with Medical Training Simulator, Operator Training Simulator, Virtual Product Launches, Vr Automobile training to name a few. Housed in Chennai FocusVR is ideally placed to deliver Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality products and projects that lay the foundation for VR/AR applications.

Virtual Reality, AR and MR are making science fiction dreams a reality around the world. This tech revolution is spreading outside the gaming and entertainment industries into practical applications. We create truly immersive experiences sure to captivate your audience.