Welcome to Fusion VR

FusionVR focuses to help businesses in Digital-Transformations through integrating VR/AR/MR /IoT & AI technologies into their mainstream Industry 4.0 adoption. To enhance production efficiencies and reduce Safety-Incidents, FusionVR has solutions that excel in multi verticals with the accurate Key-Performance-Index (KPI) assessments. Our goal is to turn every idea into an exciting XR Product which ultimately delivers a great Experiential-Learning and unbelievable Return-On- Investment (ROI) benefits to our clients.

FusionVR is an offspring of Global Institute for Stereovision and Research (GISR) which has vast experience of over a decade in the fields of stereoscopic Imaging, 3D-animation, holography, mocap-systems and simulation-games. Virtual-Reality (VR), Augmented-Reality (AR) & Mixed-Reality (MR) are making Science-Fiction dreams a Practical-Reality around the world. This tech revolution is spreading outside the gaming and entertainment industries into practical Industrial applications.