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My mother line every parent worried about my future. I’m sure if you’re a teenager, your parents would too. The worries are always centred around how their future would be and what sort of higher education and qualifications would be needed to cement a good future. Fortunately, this is not the India of the 80s and 90s. The economy is more diverse and dynamic now.

Along with that dynamism comes multiple opportunities. India is now focused on becoming the world’s following big factory after China, with several policies in the works to make it more competitive. There is a suite of technologies that will help manufacturing become smart. This is known as Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Virtual reality is one of the key technologies in Industry 4.0, which finds deep applications in training, education, digital twins etc. The demand for virtual reality engineers is at a staggering 1400%, and the global VR and AR industry is poised to hit 300 billion dollars in size by 2024. The growth trajectory forecasted for VR is just amazing, and that is good news for college kids and young professionals.

While VR is buzzing, it is worth emphasising that establishing a strong foundation in VR science and skills is fundamental to future success. There are many virtual reality courses and course providers in India and elsewhere. It is often a challenge for parents and kids to choose the right one. In addition to this, the quality of the faculty is also important.

This one is hard to see as you experience it only after signing up for the course. Fusion VR is one of the pioneers of virtual reality in India, having implemented VR projects more than a decade ago. Our experience has led us to realise that while there is a huge demand for quality VR professionals, there aren’t many course providers who can deliver that quality to satisfy industry growth needs.

Fusion VR and ARK Infosystems Private Ltd have collaborated to develop an industry-ready curriculum for engineering students and other professionals to kick-start their careers in virtual reality. Our courses are part of the Industry and Academia collaboration to deliver the skills needed in the job market.

Our courses teach you the basics and gradually develop your skills to the advanced level with the Industry Academic Alliance Program (IAAP). If you’re an academician looking to learn virtual reality and teach the same to your students, our courses can provide you with the necessary foundation and expertise to succeed in this exciting field.

Many engineering colleges across the country have adopted our program, which will develop job-ready students for the VR developer jobs out there. Fusion VR is helping institutions become successful in their efforts to impart quality education and training with VR development courses.

We help set up the needed VR AR lab infrastructure for vR design courses at the institution on a turnkey basis. Students get to train and practice at these labs to hone their VR skills and VR simulations through practical exercises and real industry projects.

This specific aspect will not be available through online VR courses. Plus, they do not have instructors or mentors to guide them and offer feedback when the learning objectives are not met. The personalised design developed by Fusion VR and ARK Infosystems is virtually unmatched by our competition.

Our approach to VR education is not just for the sake of it. Our vision is to enable the industry to grow, both locally and globally. The foundation is on having high-quality VR engineers and developers, and this effort is to achieve that exact goal. We urge you to check out our AR VR training courses in the IAAP program, obtain a brochure and also speak with our team.

The program has options for a major, minor, or specialisation as part of their degree and other VR certification programs. This would help you make the right choices based on your unique interests, goals and aspirations.

We are excited about the future of VR in our lives, with major initiatives such as the Metaverse in the works. We look forward to it, and we wish to reinforce the message that we need to be prepared for it. The pathway through our IAAP is there for you.