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As I speak at many industry events on technologies such as AR and VR, I happen to get this question many times from students and, increasingly, from parents. The question is about the best augmented reality certification course out there. While every course provider strives to provide the best, it also largely depends on what each student wishes to get out of the course.

For the one seeking immediate employment, a course provider who provides immediate placement might turn out to be the best. Suffice it to say that this is quite subjective. However, we must look at what are the characteristics of the best courses on augmented reality. I believe if you consider the following factors carefully, your chances of arriving at the most appropriate course are quite high.

First and foremost is the curriculum of the AR courses. It needs to be comprehensive and must include modules on learning AR technology, its development tools, design principles, user interface design, practical/project work, immersive experiences etc., as part of the course. Check if the institution has designed its courses involving industry experts and professionals with ample focus on becoming an expert AR developer or VR developer.

Secondly, the aspect of hands-on training at the institution or internships at other companies. This provides the real world environment, experience and skills that every student needs. Thirdly, the certification that these course providers promise should be recognised by the industry and professional bodies. Check out from past students and professionals which industry certifications have the most recognised and shortlist those.

Another important factor is the presence of a high-quality faculty and instructors in addition to the infrastructure, software tools and resources. These should be abreast of the developments in the AR development scene. Last but not least is a supportive learning environment at the institution. An encouraging, friendly environment does a lot of good towards the learning temperament of its students.

While we believe there are many good providers of Augmented Reality online courses, we at Fusion VR strongly believe that those providers with strong connections and insight into the current trends and skill requirements of the industry deliver the greatest value.

There is absolutely no value in studying something and spending a great deal of time and money only to end up with knowledge and skills that have little or no market value. Fusion VR and ARK Infosolutions have partnered to provide the best AR certification courses based on the industry and academia alliance to professionals in India.

The curriculum designed by Fusion VR and ARK is one of the best available so far, equipping a student with the best foundation and hands-on skills in the augmented reality training course. This has been possible because they have access to the best equipment, software and faculty.

They partner with top-class faculty at institutions across the country and bring the best curriculum directly to the students as part of their university education. This is convenient for students and parents as the learning happens in a secure and trustworthy environment.

So, parents and students, to learn virtual reality and augmented reality, please carefully consider the above factors as you decide on the best Augmented Reality courses this year. Good luck to you, as always, in 2023!