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The future of everything is going to be augmented as well as virtual. Surprised? Read on! Yes, both augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). The impact of augmented reality and virtual reality would be so extensive that the demand for people who can develop applications and solutions would also be quite extensive.

To meet this high demand, we would need to train and develop an army of professionals on the skill sets needed for VR and AR and help develop immersive experiences and solutions. While it is natural that many providers would mushroom to take advantage of the rush, there would be a few who will definitely stand out for the quality of their offerings and for helping students get truly industry-ready and succeed in the real world environment.

Any course that attempts to impart knowledge and skills needs to be comprehensive in its scope so that students receive all that they need to know and use. The course needs to be designed such that all this information is presented in a logical and progressive sequence, where knowledge is built layer upon layer without confusing or stressing the students. The course also needs to engage and challenge the students as well. The knowledge and understanding need to be interactively reinforced through discussions, quizzes, hands-on workshops and presentations.

The overall demand for AR and VR engineers is projected at 1400% and is expected to have a year-on-year growth rate of 280%. The market for AR VR engineers is a niche, and not every contemporary academic offering at universities and colleges around the country would meet the industry’s needs. This puts interested students to undertake positions and learn AR and VR development skills while on the job.

Benefits of IAAP Program for Students and Institutions

In this approach, they would only learn what would be required for a specific project or solution while the remaining essential skills remain unlearned. This is not ideal for the students, professionals or even the industry and would only deliver short-term gains.

For long-term sustainable growth, a complete and comprehensive AR VR course is of paramount importance. As an industry expert of more than two decades, I recommend that the growth of both the professionals and the industry go hand in hand with thoughtfully designed VR and AR courses.

One of the most comprehensive, if not complete, AR VR courses is one called the AR VR Industry Academic Alliance Program (IAAP). This program takes the learning right to the point where it is most needed as well as where it is most effective. If you’ve guessed universities and colleges, you are spot on! This program focuses on enabling institutions to provide the necessary training while equipping the faculty with the necessary knowledge, skills and infrastructure.

This approach makes college graduates more employable in the VR AR world than with just an engineering degree. Youngsters need not search far and wide for an augmented reality course or seek academic training to become a vr developer.

In the IAAP program, students learn virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, all of which come under the umbrella of XR or Extended Reality in one single program. Fusion VR and ARK Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd has partnered to bring this high-calibre program to the doorsteps of universities with the noble goal of meeting the industry needs and establishing India as a competitive player in the world of XR.