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Fusion VR is one of India’s leading augmented reality solutions providers with capabilities and expertise that are quite unique. The field of augmented reality is rapidly developing across many sectors of the economy. AR, first popularised by the gaming community, has found innumerable applications in many industries and is proving to be a game changer.

A credible solution provider should possess the necessary technological expertise, stay abreast of current trends and developments and most importantly, have the subject matter experts to develop and implement solutions for their customers, not to forget a high quality of post-installation support. While the AR sector is filled with solution providers who have made their mark in the gaming industry, it’s not easy to come across companies with domain expertise in the manufacturing sector.

This sector is the backbone of any economy, providing jobs and livelihoods to many millions of people. The manufacturing sector has come a long way since the first industrial revolution. It is important to note here that we are in the fourth industrial revolution, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. There are many technologies that are identified in Industry 4.0, and Augmented Reality is one of the most important ones.

AR provides a digital overlay of information and data through devices such as smartphones, goggles and tablet computers. The information thus delivered provides an experience that is enhanced, satisfying and useful. This capability is of crucial value to companies which desire to enhance the performance and productivity of their employees and deliver superior returns for their shareholders.

Empowering Your Organization with AR

Fusion VR has helped develop and implement AR solutions for several years. These solutions can be designed with image tracking or as marker-based or even location-based, depending on the user requirements. Fusion VR has the expertise to devise solutions based on all existing types of AR.

We are one of India’s pioneers in the deployment of immersive technologies such as VR and AR even a decade ago. As the founder of Fusion VR, I am convinced that Fusion VR delivers not only high-quality solutions but also high value to our customers.

We spend a great deal of time with our clients and make every effort to understand better their pain points and how to design use cases that deliver the most important results. We truly care for our customers and believe in the power of AR to change the future of your company. Our philosophy is to empower your organisation with our solutions.

We not only identify the right AR IT solutions but also tell you how much capital expenditure would be incurred and help your team understand how to deliver the best value for the invested capital. We handhold your team until the solutions are implemented and streamlined. We provide the complete documentation necessary and endeavour to be transparent and supportive of your efforts.

Fusion VR provides AR development solutions for the Industrial and Academic sectors. In the industrial sphere, we serve the oil & gas, chemicals, power, utilities, mining, aerospace, pharma, defence, nuclear and marine industries. We provide consulting and educational services to prepare students to take up jobs in the AR and VR sectors as this is a fast-growing industry.

We are also pioneers in the country in using AR and VR in museums and corporate experience centres. Our industry networks and professional connections help us stay ahead of the technological transformation curve. This is possible since we also have an advisory council with very experienced and eminent personalities from industry and academia.

I strongly believe that we are one of the best companies out there to serve you and encourage you to visit our website ( www.fusionvr.in ). It showcases our products, services and capabilities.

We believe in growing together with our customers and the academic community as the future is in the hands of the graduating students. We have endeavoured to share what we know through the knowledge hubs created on our web pages.

If this doesn’t convince you enough, we invite you to drop an enquiry or call us, and you will realise the value that we can bring to your organisation or institution. Thank you for your time.