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This is an exciting time to be young. Yes, it is! The amazing developments in the wonderful world of technology have opened up exciting career possibilities for young people. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual reality are not just buzzwords but major career avenues with huge growth potential for youngsters to take advantage of.

Many of you know about Virtual reality and how it has revolutionised the gaming industry. But many may not be aware that it is poised to be a game changer for many sectors and industries. It is one of the key technologies driving Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

VR simulation is also seen as the key technology feature that will enhance human performance, delivering groundbreaking improvements in productivity and efficiency. The cost of implementing VR has considerably reduced, making its adoption across a wide spectrum of industries easily possible. This has spurred the demand for developing solutions to address the pain points these industries face with virtual reality. This has led to an increased demand for VR developers and, you guessed it right, the demand for high-quality VR courses.

There are many virtual reality courses today that promise many things, from a great learning experience to a job even before you pass out. It is important to be careful and critical to ensure that it provides a high-quality yet exciting learning journey for you.

The hallmarks of a good VR training course include great learning content with an emphasis on what the industry needs, expert instructors, hands-on exposure to high-quality VR and coding infrastructure and the ability to meet with industry experts and peers. A course that satisfies all these requirements may not come just out of any academic institution. It can be developed only by those with an established collaboration between industry and academia.

Virtual reality courses such as those offered by the AR VR Industry Academic Alliance program is an example of a course that has all the hallmarks of a high-quality course described above. ARK Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd has partnered with Fusion VR to develop an exciting VR curriculum and act as a driving force to enable and empower universities and colleges across India to embark on an essential and noble journey to develop the infrastructure and capabilities to meet the future demand for VR AR professionals.

It enables institutions to develop high-quality VR Labs and equip themselves to deliver VR design courses that meet every industry’s needs. These courses can lead students to learn virtual reality and achieve a specialisation, minor, major or even an honours program. Short-term certificate and diploma VR development courses are available, thereby catering to every need among students and the industry.

The industry needs VR professionals to help address its urgent needs to improve the quality, productivity, safety and reliability of its facilities. Everything begins with a quality VR certification program that has the potential to address that need. In the fast-paced era of technological change, the industry steps in to develop the curriculum needed to meet its demands.

Our program is one such effort to address that need and help the industry make the most of the opportunities out there. We encourage students, parents and industry leaders to check out our webpage to learn more about our efforts to make meaningful changes in the VR education sphere.