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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two key Industry 4.0 technologies that promise to change the way we learn, play and work. The applications and solutions are immense and are rapidly transforming human lives with immersive experiences. Since these technologies are gaining rapid popularity and acceptance, the market for solutions is also growing.

To meet this growing demand, companies need development professionals who are skilled and competent. The education sector is gearing to meet these challenges with certification courses in AR and VR development. Interestingly, the demand for augmented reality training courses is growing as AR solutions are becoming more popular as they are easily deployed on smartphones. There are many different types of AR VR training courses and many institutions that provide them.

Let us begin with basic certification courses that are primarily designed for beginners who wish to explore and learn virtual reality and augmented reality. These are targeted at school students and anyone who is getting interested to know these technologies and also have a good foundation on the principles required.

Here they learn about basic project development and software design principles in addition to a high level introduction on 3D modelling. Students are introduced to software development tools such as Unity, Unreal Engine, ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia etc. and helped to develop basic applications with one of them.

Advantages of AR VR certification courses

For individuals who wish to pursue further in these technologies and create career opportunities, they need to enroll in advanced certification courses. To become and AR developer or VR developer is easier than what it was a few years ago. Today, these courses are designed by industry experts who have identified the required knowledge and skills to develop all kinds of applications in AR and VR.

These courses help develop the software development, project development and domain specific knowledge and skills needed by the industry. Students armed with such certifications are quickly employed and contribute immensely to meeting industry requirements.

There are also specialised development VR AR courses that are customised to meet the software development needs of specific industries such as gaming, manufacturing, healthcare, education etc. These courses are offered by companies that provide such high technology services to those types of industries. They curate these courses to deliver the exact set of skills and competencies needed.

These kinds of AR VR courses have many advantages. First and foremost is that they are recognised by industry professionals and experts. Potential employers see great value in hiring individuals armed with such certification. Students have a significant advantage in taking these courses because they enable access to the AR VR software development experts through coursework, lab work and hands-on projects.

They also get opportunities to work on actual projects and use the best industry software in their development effort. Such courses provide students and young professionals with the confidence and experience to independently undertake projects in any organisation. Furthermore, if these courses are designed for online delivery, they would attract a wide range of students and backgrounds, making classes more interactive and rewarding with ample networking opportunities.

Fusion VR and ARK Infosolutions are pioneering an industry and academia alliance to provide the growing army of students and professionals seeking knowledge and certification in AR and VR software development. The courses are designed and delivered by industry experts with deep experience in various software and pioneering experience in developing cutting edge solutions for many types of industries.

Choosing the right course is not always easy, as it takes time and effort to research and understand the various offerings and the placement potential of institutions. The growth in demand for VR AR engineers is estimated at 1400% and these certification courses open the doors for unlimited opportunities and growth for interested engineers who wish to succeed as AR VR developers.