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Date - July, 2021


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Fusion VR has set a smart pace in India’s digital space by pioneering commercial use of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Technologies in the country. Backed by over a decade of rich experience in developing and implementing solutions in India, Singapore and the Middle East, Fusion VR is set to empower Smart Industries for the 21st Century.

Fusion VR is emerging as one of the most dynamic companies to maximize the deployment of VR, AR, MR and digital twins. Dr. Bharathy’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies such as AR, VR, MR and Digital Twins, enabling smart factories and helping India achieve growth and self-reliance envisioned by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

ImmeX-Zone was the first ever commercially launched real immersive VR product in India and Singapore with indigenously developed VR-HMD and a Dynamic Haptics & Effects integrated Simulation- Platform for an ultimate VR-Experience of that time.

Kickstarting its operations with the Virtual Reality Operator Training Simulator (VR-OTS), which was delivered to Yokogawa Engineering Asia, Singapore, Fusion VR has aimed to consistently deliver challenging projects for government and international clients. It has evolved into Fusion VR’s amazing Proprietary XR-Platform which can deliver custom critical safety and productivity solutions within compressed timelines.

Fusion VR’s solutions enable multi-verticals to enhance production efficiencies, eliminate safety incidents and increase profitability. Dr. Bharathy and his team’s mission is to transform every idea into an exciting XR Product, which ultimately delivers a great experiential learning experience and unbelievable Return-On-Investment (ROI) benefits to their clients.

The Fusion VR team comprises a multidisciplinary mix of engineers, technologists, artists, Subject Matter Experts and consultants with several decades of experience across various industries. A lot of time is invested by them in listening to a customer’s problems and challenges and carefully evaluating and designing solutions to address them in a holistic and sustainable manner.


The primary focus of Fusion VR is to enable adoption of immersive technologies in the Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Nuclear, Power, Mining and Pharma sectors. These industries which form the backbone of India’s economy are ideal candidates to harness the power of immersive technologies. Dr. Bharathy, in fact, urges CEOs, CTOs and CFOs to understand how these can transform the company’s bottom line.

His extensive experience in petrochemical plant operations and passion for technology helped him understand the transformative power of immersive technologies. Fusion VR conceptualized the Digital Twin-based virtual reality operator training simulator (VR- OTS) as early as in 2012.


Another pivotal point of interest for Fusion VR’s expertise is in areas concerned with preserving of India’s rich cultural, historic, political and corporate history. Under Dr. Bharathy’s stewardship Fusion VR has pivoted also towards the field of digital museums and corporate experience centres. He was the first Certified Adobe Video Specialist and Instructor in South East Asia in 2004.

The company has been recently commissioned the Amma Museum and Knowledge Park at Chennai, showcasing the best interactive digital museum experience in India; its focus is the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. J. Jayalalithaa. Fusion VR has received recognition not only for the excellent quality of the experiences, but also for executing this project in a record time of 8 weeks using local engineering and technological expertise. Fusion VR is also recognized for its invaluable work with the Experience Vivekananda at RKM Museums, the Pallava Dynasty – 7DX show, Mamallapuram etc.

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