Cognitive Training Helps Embrace The Power of Virtual Reality


Author - Dr. C. S S Bharathy
Founder - Fusion VR
Certified Industry 4.0 Professional

Publication - Express Computer
Date - Jul 31, 2020


Read From Source: Express Computer

It is no secret that Industry 4.0 technologies are making revolutionary changes in the world of manufacturing. However, experts opine that the full potential of these technologies is yet to be realised by the defense and manufacturing sector.

A recent PWC study says that VR training is four times faster and four times more focused than typical Class-Room Training. It’s also 3.75 times more emotionally connected with a 40% improvement in operator confidence. VR-Training transforms Defence Personnel into competent, confident resources inheriting decades of knowledge and experience in a short duration, saving years of training time.

This critical sector is often under immense scrutiny from its stakeholders, along with the constant pressure of compressed timelines, compliance requirements, high manufacturing standards, and cost controls. With such crucial challenges, the Defence sector’s ability to expedite results and achieve critical KPIs consistently is of national importance.

Adopting Industry 4.0 technologies can remove roadblocks on the journey to achieving manufacturing excellence in Defence industries. Immersive technologies like AR, VR, and MR, coupled with IoT, AI, Blockchain solutions, can infuse digital transformation in existing manufacturing systems.

The industry can leverage such technologies in manufacturing autonomous systems, robotics, other intelligent solutions for land, sea, and air defence systems. When traditional manufacturing methods are being challenged and faced with intense competition from their smart counterparts, the relevance and viable applications of these latest technologies cannot be underutilized.

Fusion VR, Chennai has a long history of providing Industry 4.0 technologies to defence organisations. Here are how these technologies are actively making a difference in the defence space.


VR and AR have critical applications in the preparedness of our defence forces. These immersive technologies enable the realistic simulation of virtual battleground scenarios, combat operations in hostile territory, rescue missions, situational awareness training, adverse weather operations, and military systems activities that are not possible under normal conditions. It also helps with the recreation of past situations, helping devise strategies for future operations.

Amassing Data and Advanced Analytics

Industry 4.0’s advanced data accumulation and accurate analytics will bring critical defence production and supply-chain insights and the opportunity to optimise operations and unlock real efficiency.

The entire production, procurement, and distribution cycles of the industry are a vital source of data. The ability to decipher this crude information into actionable insights is where Industry 4.0 adds value. Through these insights, an enterprise can identify potential threats and engage with descriptive and predictive analysis of a situation that is yet to arrive. The use of simulation and digital design secures efficiency in production.

Predictive maintenance and smart asset management

Like other traditional industries, the Defence Sector is also in need of constant support and maintenance of aging machinery. Industry 4.0’s strategic offerings resolve these concerns through predictive maintenance and immersive Augmented Reality assistance. Through condition-based monitoring, the enterprise gains real-time insights into equipment health. It also delivers alerts and notifications on predictive maintenance and any possible risks of circling the machinery, thereby improving equipment mortality and lowering the chances of failure. Another impactful change that Industry 4.0 brings is Augmented Reality simulation, which is a great way to train and assist maintenance professionals and improve productivity.

Improving Collaboration and Accuracy in Operations

Accuracy is paramount in any Defence operation, and Industry 4.0’s immersive AR/VR/MR simulation works to dramatically improve manufacturing precision.

Augmented Reality can empower the resource with overlay display within the field of vision. The technology also improves communication by facilitating remote assistance, improving real-time analysis, and information display to reduce risks.

Furthermore, VR and MR simulations can be useful to test new equipment, carry out design assessments, and do an overall analysis even when the prototype is not in production. Remote evaluation and assistance can be provided in medical situations to ensure appropriate life-critical aid to secure unfortunate accidents and safeguard the injured’s health.

Advancing the defence offerings through Industry 4.0

While the full potential of Industry 4.0 is yet to be utilised, the Defence sector has already noticed its advantages. Increased deployment of these technologies is essential for the Defence sector to improve productivity and increase global competition. Also, it enables superior training and enhanced preparedness for situations of national security. Though the initial investments can be a challenge, in the short term, the long-term strategic advantages of these technologies cannot be ignored or underestimated.

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