weld sim

Our Virtual reality (VR) welding simulator WeldSim provides kinesthetic memory skills that will enable training abilities at lower cost to the training institution. The skills that are developed are essential muscle memory techniques required for welding.

WeldSim provides training institutions with the technology currently used in the industry and making it available in the classroom, also it provides the essential skills needed before entering into traditional welding training

welding gamified

Virtual-Reality advantages over PC-Screen based Simulation Training:
  • The anxiety of going out and welding for the first time is totally gone
  • Fully Immersive, Exciting and the Muscle memory created mimics the Traditional On-Site training
  • VR-3D Space gives Physically accurate Work-Angle & Travel-angle, Travel-speed, Bead position, CTWD (contact tip to work distance) real time data
WeldSim Advantages:
  • Opens up the opportunity for accurate 3D Pipe-Welding for the first time in Simulation Training
  • Highly Portable – Fits inside a Flight friendly Travel baggage
  • Learn welding in a completely safe environment
  • Learn essential welding skills &proper technique in an engaging virtual environment, without the need for consumables like metal, gas& High electricity
  • No Special custom made hardware needed. Fully Functional with Off-the-Shelf Hardware. Manipulate everything within the Virtual Environment
  • Practice till perfect without the added costs
  • Multilingual Support (Text & Voice)
  • Instantaneous Dynamic visual feedback, in the form of overlays & proficiency scores
  • Real Welding feel achieved by Integrated Haptics
  • Weld quality analysis (X-ray view and 3D cross section view)
WeldSim Features:
  • Multiple Environments (Factories, Deserts, Off-Shore Oil-Rigs, Welding at Heights, Rope Access Welding & Underwater)
  • Multiple Material selection (Steel, Aluminium, SS)
  • Multiple Thickness & Sizes for Material (Metric & Imperial Units)
  • Multi-joint configuration: Flat-plate, T-joint, Groove-joint & Pipes
  • Multi-position: Horizontal, Vertical, Overhead, 2G, 5G & 6G
  • ser Logins for storing & tracking individual performance
  • Multiple Welding Processes: SMAW (STICK), GMAW(MIG), FCAW & GTAW(TIG)
  • Multiple Modes: Training, Testing & Performance Action-Replay Modes
Weld Quality Evaluation based on:
  • Heat settings (Amperage, gas flow, voltage, wire-feed speed, Type/Diameter of Electrode, Base metal thickness)
  • Distance (arc length/wire stick-out)
  • Angle (work and travel)
  • Travel speed and nozzle-to-plate distance and straightness
  • Manipulation
  • PPE Safety Measures (gloves, welding helmet, ventilation)
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