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Be it for a business seminar, an educational presentation, workshop or for events feel free to contact us to help start your journey or refine your current journey in the exciting new world of VR. Our experienced teams of professionals are capable to conduct custom designed Workshops and Seminars at your venue. Having used all kinds of hardware, software right from the early days of VR, FusionVR also has the equipments on hire to support during the events.

Solutions for Colleges
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With over a decade of experience in cutting edge technology including Stero-3D, Gaming, VR and AR, FusionVR has all the necessary ingredients to educate and stimulate students and professionals on the past, present and future of Extended-Reality XR (VR/AR/MR). We give VR education solutions in the following model. Please reach us for detailed discussions.

Services we provide for Colleges:
  • Consultation, Customization, Integration and Setting up of Hardware/Software in the VR-Lab
  • Providing the Courseware
  • Training the Faculty member from the Institution
  • Annual Course-Update according to latest technologies and re-train the Faculty
  • Will take care of the Exam and Certification by way of involving Industry experts

Course Title : Practical XR
Duration : 45 Hrs - 3 Credits
Method of Teaching : Theories + Practical

Targeted Students :
This course is for Students who are interested in pursuing the vast amount of career opportunities within the ever evolving Extended-Reality (VR/AR/MR) industry.

No prior programming or Game-Engine knowledge is required, and any experience in C++ Programming will only help.

This course is designed for students who are new to Virtual & Augmented Realities and want to learn about the principles of VR/AR technologies including Technical aspects and major Software/Hardware platforms. They will also become familiar with the Physiological and Psychological Effects of Virtual Reality and how to effectively deploy them in practical applications.

Students will learn about the current XR offerings; explore their fundamental capabilities and requirements. They'll then learn basic coding in C# and brush-up their vector maths. By the end of this course, they will use that knowledge to create and deploy a comfortable Mini-Project in 360VR Experience and AR - all using the Unity-Engine which has the largest industry market share.

Career Opportunities:
VR and AR are going to have an impact on many industries including entertainment, healthcare, education, Engineering and technology. While the focus of this course is currently on giving strong understanding of the basics, the application of the skills they will learn extend and translate far beyond that. 3D engines like Unity are becoming the work horses of the VR economy. So, after taking the course they're going to be in a prime position to take advantage of the rapidly accelerating growth of VR and the overwhelming Job-Opportunities.

Economic -Times Report: “The global market for AR-VR products and services is expected to reach $215 billion by 2021, compared with $11.4 billion for 2017. The compound annual growth rate is projected to reach 113.2 per cent, with the market expanding 18.9 times over the next four years.”
VR development is an amazing career, with both demand and salaries rising. Every innovative VR professional relies on a core set of tools and principles. If you’re going to succeed, then you need to master them, too.

Course Content :
Module-1: Under-the-hood of VR with Exposure to a VR Experience (3hrs)
Module-2: Intro to Unity-Game Engine Essentials (7hrs)
Module-3: Development of a Sample VR scene (4hrs)
Module-4: 360VR-Video Mini Project (6hrs)
Module-5: C# Basics for VR (5hrs)
Module-6: Under-the-hood of AR with Exposure to an AR Experience (3hrs)
Module-7: AR Mini Project: Create own AR project with coded Dynamic movements (7hrs)
Module-8: VR Mini Project: Create own VR project with coded Dynamic movements (10hrs)


  • Coursework (40 Mark)
  • Online test (40 Mark)
  • Viva (20 Mark)

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