smart factory solutions

The Dynamic team at FusionVR has a perfect blend of Engineers & Scientists with rich cross-cultural Industry experiences along with an Energetic-young-team of Designers, Creative-artists & Developers who all share a passion towards “Immersive-Technologies for SmartFactories”. Our SMEs are capable to understand the Pain-Points of our customers and design customized Industry4.0 Immersive-Solutions and Strategies from Engineering-Design and R&D to Production, QC, Maintenance & Service, Sales & Marketing till Customer-Service (End-to-End Complete Product Life-Cycle Solutions). We majorly cover the below industries

  • Process-Plants such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Cement-Factories, F&B.. etc.
  • Manufacturing-Plants such as Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Marine

Our Operator Training Simulators for Process-Plant SOP/Emergency/Safety Training, On-The-Job AR/MR Assistance, Assembly-Line Training, Shop-Floor Equipment Maintenance training for Automobile/ Aerospace, Skill-Development Training and Virtual Product Launching Platforms have been used for years by our Global-Clients & Govt agencies such as Defence with proven production efficiency benefits. We create truly connected “Immersive Digital-Twin” Experiences sure to captivate our Smart-Factory customers.

At FusionVR, we design custom made Immersive-Solutions using various Extended-Reality technologies along with the flavors of IoT & AI. Our Products & Solutions cover the entire spectrum of Industrial-training simulated in realand-virtual combined environments through the 3 Major variants of XR technologies such VR, AR & MR. Simulators to cover

01Virtual-Reality Operator Training Simulators (VR-OTS)
02 Augmented-Reality Operator Training Simulators (AR-OTS)
03 Virtual-Reality Maintenance Training Simulators (VR-MTS)
04 Mixed-Reality On-The Job-Assistance (MR-OJA)
vr mts
05 Augmented-Reality Maintenance Training Simulators (AR-MTS)
06 Immersive Digital-Twin Simulators (IDTS)
07 Extended-Reality modules for R&D and Engineering-Design Visualizations
08 Virtual / Augmented Reality Sales & Marketing Kits
09 Immersive - Digital Twins for safe & efficient Digital-Turnaround planning & executions
10 XR-Modules for Plant-Design and Construction Visualisation with BIM-Data integration
plan design
11 3D 180 & 360 degree VR Video services
AR/VR - Training Simulator Benefits
  • Most workers are practical learners, acquiring 70 percent of their skills and knowledge from experiential learning
  • VR/AR training is the more affordable experiential learning
  • Scenario-based AR/VR simulations allow learners to test their skills, learn from their mistakes, and record their work - all within a no-consequence environment
  • Better, Faster, Safer, Interactive, Trackable, Enjoyable, Portable & Economical training in a Controlled Multi-Player Environment
  • Optimize Training Throughout the Plant/Shop-Floor
  • Reduce the time to operator proficiency
  • Improve operator's ability to respond in time and act appropriately to emergency scenarios
  • Improve skills for rarely performed but safety-critical tasks
  • Maximize team training, coordination and communications between the control room and the field
  • Reduce unnecessary shutdowns and reduced plant performance due to operator error
  • Capture operator knowledge and best practice
  • Multi-functional scalable technology
learning pyramid