immex zone

ImmeX-Zone was the first ever commercially launched real immersive VR product in India during 2014 and also in Singapore and Dubai to cater the amusement arenas for all age groups.ImmeX Experience provides immersive 3D 360 visuals which includes additional sensory information, such as 3D positional sound and physical FX such as vibrators, pokers, ticklers, blasters, Hot/Cold Air, Aroma etc., to make you believe that your presence is in the imaginary world while seated on a chair with moves along with the Body Dynamics.

cave coaster
Cave-Coaster VR Ride

This is the first ever VR ride for Immex- VR Zone launched in year 2014. It is a travel into an active volcanic cave with flowing magma and with no humans around you. You have to escape from these fantasy creatures and fire breathing dragons which tries to attack you. A hungry tiger running side by side in your travel and you will feel the spine chilling moments of escape. You will enjoy adventurous descents while escaping hidden dangers from these creatures while comfortably sitting on the ImmeX-Simulation seat and wearing a HMD


polar express
Polar-Express VR Ride

This ride is second in the series for Immex- VR Zone launched in year 2014. On a wonderful sunny and snowy day, Polar express brings you into a colorful and joyful village which is covered with thick snow. Cute little pet animals accompany you in this travel. Little bunnies sing and fly around in a small airplane, dancing deer with Santa, talking plants and dinosaurs will give you an entirely new kind of experience that you have never imagined. You will definitely rise your hands to touch those little characters which make your travel a fun filled one while comfortably sitting on the ImmeX-Simulation seat and wearing a HMD.


under world
Underworld VR Ride

This ride is third in the series for Immex - VR Zone launched in year 2014. Fear... Fear only helps you to realize how much courageous you are. If you think there is no fear inside you, just try this virtual journey one time. In this journey you have to face cruel blood thirsty animals, horrific demons, restless souls which are trying to fulfill their vengeance and animals you have never seen or imagined in your entire life. Those who are willing to measure their level of courage, and those who want to experience a fearful, chilling and thrilling ride can start their journey....while comfortably sitting on the ImmeX-Simulation seat and wearing a HMD.


Dynamic Responsive Hardware/Software Simulation Platform (ImmeX-D)

This is a highly responsive 3DOF Hydraulic platform with integratedEffects and Haptics driven by the real-time data from the simulation engine according to the user interactions. This platform can be integrated in most of the Virtual Reality Experiences ranging from Flight Simulators to Theme park rides.



immex vr zone